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Newbery Awards booksChildren authors awarded the Newbery Award22 days ago 110
Smooch It ForwardSmoochies for books when you need them. then smooch someone else that needs them later on!1 year ago 15320
WRITER"S FORUMA place for writers of all stripes to meet up and discuss (what else?) writing!1 year ago 4113
young adult booksfor people who want/have young adult or teen books to help find each other1 year ago 1048
U.S. PostageAnything related to sending your books in the mail!2 years ago 14520
International Wishlist Tag GameInternational Wishlist Tag Game2 years ago 3520221
save-for-laterHow do I get to my save-for-later list?2 years ago 311
SOS EducatorsThird Grade v Kindergarten2 years ago 313
What the editor missed!Note and discuss errors the editor should have found!3 years ago 9135
Postage RatesDoes anyone have a good suggestion for dealing with extremely high postage rates? 3 years ago 14416
Inactive Accounts Clean-up ProjectA place to keep track of which accounts we are mooching from, to post links to inactive accounts.3 years ago 79881210
European MoochersWe are not one country but we can stick together and help eachother3 years ago 22521
Book sources - new, secondhandSources of books outside BookMooch - potential sources of books for inventory3 years ago 111814
BM Healthdiscuss the stats and health of the BM economy3 years ago 31627
Views about BookMooch from AuthorsWhat do authors have to say about BookMooch?3 years ago 414
Shelfari and Bookmoochimporting wishlist and other information3 years ago 512
Craft Books and Magazineslist your craft books and magazines here3 years ago 925
manga!anyone out there got manga in there invitory! post away!!! id love to hear from you!3 years ago 410
Meet and MoochAnnouncements of real-world mooching events around the globe3 years ago 27250
Magazines, periodicalsFor discussing listings of magazines and periodicals on BM3 years ago 295329
Missed Connections...for Books!Can you remember the storyline of a book, but cant remember the name? Post here!3 years ago 201134
The Bookclub for Bookworms on Bookmooch!Love YA books?? Fiction?? Classics?? This is the bookclub for you! 3 years ago 2635129
Australian MoochersGet together with Aussie moochers3 years ago 22847
Time-travel StoriesPost here about books that involve time travel, across-time communication, multiple timelines, etc.3 years ago 12411
Things to do with books, besides read them....Describe, discuss and link to ideas about book crafting, art, and innovative shelving solutions 3 years ago 1460
International Shippingquestions and comments on shipping internationally3 years ago 472282
Recommendations WantedDescribe a type of book you want to read and others recommend based on that :)3 years ago 6843187
Disappointments?What book were you looking forward to reading, but were ultimately disappointed with?3 years ago 161011
BookMooch ContestsJust for fun! Celebrate birthdays, BM anniversaries, milestones...whatever!3 years ago 4114131
Unfamiliar Words in the Books You ReadUnknown words, recognized words whose definitions you didn't know, & known words with new meanings.3 years ago 221861
Food For ThoughtSharing thoughts that tinker with your thinker (or get the juices flowing upstairs)3 years ago 839
In hot pursuit of 'The Meaning of Life'Books that readers have found most personally helpful in satisfying mankind's age-old search.3 years ago 715
What are you reading now?Discuss what you are reading now!3 years ago 9828166
Book GiveawaysFor giveaway announcements3 years ago 312811
Paranormal Book JunkiesFor those who love romances about the supernatural.3 years ago 19524
Sci-fi, RPGs and LiteracyIdeas on expanding or improving one of our Literacy Programs3 years ago 5427
horror bookshave any on your shelf advertise them here3 years ago 1147
Inventory plugsNeed points? Or just want others to peek into inventory? Post it here!3 years ago 9415078
Teachers On BookMoochA place for teachers to share good books, ideas, support, etc.3 years ago 251025
historical fictiona place to talk about historical fiction ( non romance )3 years ago 20621
Travel booksAll things travel. Guide books, travel writing, travelogue/blogs. Please discuss/post them here. 3 years ago 1578
Frugal ReadersFor former users of the "Frugal Readers" web site3 years ago 10530
BookMooch BlogJohn's official BookMooch Blog3 years ago 1231994430
Books Made Into MoviesHas a book ever made you want to see the movie or vice versa? Which movie is better than the book?3 years ago 1796
Book conditionDoes it give you pause when someone asks for a book - only if it is in perfect condition?3 years ago 46572
You Never Know What You May Find....Share the random things you have found tucked in the pages of a mooched book, library book, etc...3 years ago 311211
Great BookMooch experiencesShare some of your great experiences using this wonderful website!3 years ago 1615
Book BlogsFor book bloggers and book blog readers. Recommend a book blog or promote your own.3 years ago 171610
Thanks anonymous smoocher.Have you been kucky enough to receive an anonymous smooch? Post the thank yous here! 3 years ago 232713
Computers & InternetA more general forum on computer, operating system and internet topics3 years ago 812
Computer programming booksBooks related to computer science, programming languages, general programming & web development3 years ago 1118
BookMooch Social Plugin for FacebookThe ongoing development of a new Facebook plugin for BookMooch features and content.3 years ago 8316
Comics, Manga, and Graphic NovelsA forum for those interested in any type of graphic storytelling3 years ago 272876
Feature requestsnew features you'd like to see at BookMooch3 years ago 157255587
Book Club RecommendationsI'm chairing a mom book club (kids play while moms discuss books). Any recs for our monthly meetups?3 years ago 5211
Interesting offbeat books to readWell, it sort of describes itself...3 years ago 231325
RPG tradingAnyone got some RPG books to trade?3 years ago 8314
Intriguing Books by Asian AuthorsI like to read books by Asian authors. Got one to recommend?3 years ago 15124
Queer BooksGay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, pansexual, asexual, genderqueer, queer, etc books3 years ago 30623
Hard Science Fiction anyone?Discuss and recommend your most beloved Hard Science Fiction books3 years ago 231052
BookMooch JournalsA forum for journal-related comments or questions3 years ago 76203320
Audio BooksDiscussion of audio books in the BM world3 years ago 231134
A book search among friendsLooking for a book? Maybe someone has a copy they haven't listed yet...3 years ago 222348526
Writers Seek Your InputDiscuss writing projects here3 years ago 10822
Inventory deals and specialsSpecial offers, 2-for-1, free books and other inventory clean-up means3 years ago 15220473
Books by authors of color: Recommendations Recommend books you think others should read which are written by people of color.3 years ago 141419
Related to booksAnything Related to books, from Movies to PC Games, to Articles, to Reviews3 years ago 111511
Newbie Bookmoocher ThreadThis is the place for new members to get info on Bookmooching3 years ago 3774471615
Angel RequestsA place to post angel requests3 years ago 40925676451
Angel Network DiscussionDiscussion, Questions, Solutions, and Ideas related to the Angel Network3 years ago 472074
RecommendedBooks you like and think others should read3 years ago 5430103
Forum designdiscuss how the forum feature at BookMooch should work3 years ago 2741118
BookMooch DiscussionBookMooch open discussion, all topics ok3 years ago 4285532730