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Messages: Shelfari and Bookmooch

Shelfari wishlist et al

Shelfari is a really great website that I have been a member of for a few years, it helps me to keep track of my book journal and watch for new books to read. I have a wish list there and would like to transfer it here with out typing the titles all over again.. there are quite a few. I also know of another site, Stop You're Killing Me, which is a great place to find books by author, main character or even occupation of main character. As the title suggests, it is mostly suspense and murder mysteries. I am sure that sites like these who are set up for readers would make even a greater impact if they all worked (ok even if some of them) together. What are your thoughts?

Mary G
4 years ago

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(2 years ago)I'm not sure that this is the right place for this, but here goes. In West London, UK, we have a shop which gives away up to 5 second hand books to anyone who calls in & browses. If anyone would like to let me have a wish list (fiction only)I will keep an eye open for what's on it. Cannot undertake to post abroad, but would be happy to do so within the UK. If I'm overwhelmed, I may not be able to reply quickly.
Brian Lockett
(3 years ago)Why not bump an old thread than create a new one. I found this because I was trying to do a similar thing - to import my Amazon wishlist to bookmoosh. Using a URL adderss to the wishlist doesn't work. Amazon has an API for this but I'm no programmer. There's also a 'Greasemoney' script to help reformat it but again this doesn't find out the ISBN numbers. I keep thinking if I can just get something to find out the ISBN numbers rather than the other way around then that will go a long way to making everything inter-operable because Amazon can then act as the go-between. The main thing that helps is having those ISBN numbers all on one page.
jago pearce