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Forum introduction


After creating a specialized "computer programming" forum, I realized there would be a need for a more generalized forum for computer books and help. If you do have a more specific programming question, please refer to the other forum.

Please post any questions or comments on computer, operating system, internet and related books. If you have a specific problem you're trying to track down, hopefully we'll be able to point you in the right direction. Note, this is not meant to be a "please tell me how to fix my computer" forum (there are plenty of resources for that) but more of a resource to find a how-to book to do what you want.

Reviews on related topical books welcome.



B Lang
4 years ago

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(4 years ago)I recently developed an interest in the Gopher protocol. Know of any books that discuss it?
(4 years ago)I'm thinking of teaching myself GIS and was wondering if anyone has a good book/resource they could recommend. Thanks.