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Messages: Magazines, periodicals

History and Archaeology

I currently have various British history and archaeology magazines and journals - some recent (British Archaeology magazines include various articles about Richard III) and some older, random periodicals.

Emma T
9 days ago
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'Soldier of Fortune' magazine

Just been handed a box of old 'Soldier of Fortune' magazines from late 1980s. They are really not my thing but I've put 10 copies up just in case someone can make use of them. I'll leave them up for a month then they go in the recycling box!

Emma T
22 days ago
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Looking for Alfred Hitchcock

Whenever I go to yard sales, book fairs, etc., I always keep an eye out for old copies of Alfred Hitchcock and Ellery Queen Mystery Magazines. Once in awhile I get lucky and snag a few issues. Last month I finally subscribed to Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. So if anyone has any older copies they don't want, I am definitely interested in mooching a few. Thanks!!

7 months, 22 days ago
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Looking for bundles of any Time/Life/National Geographic publications

Old issues or newer, doesn't matter. Would love to get a points deal but I have points to spend! Also willing to discuss helping with shipping.

Meg Wolff
8 months, 3 days ago

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(8 months, 3 days ago)Gail - thanks! I'm going to mooch them all but have you send to another address, if that's ok? I'm getting the address and will mooch soon.
Meg Wolff
(8 months, 3 days ago)I have some Nat. Geo's listed.
Looking for Quilt patterns

I'm looking for the Flutterby Quilt pattern found in "Quilt-it today Issue 5"
And the Fun Factor quilt found in "Sew-It Today Issue 1"

If anyone has these I could mooch, or even get the single patterns from you, I would appreciate it :)

9 months, 4 days ago
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The World of Embroidery (Embroiderers' Guild)

I am adding back copies of The World of Embroidery, published by the Embroiderers' Guild (UK), all complete and in good condition.

2 years ago

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(9 months, 23 days ago)I have added a further six copies of "The World of Embroidery" to my inventory.
(1 year ago)I've added some more of these to my inventory.
(2 years ago)Many of those I added have been mooched; I'm slowly adding more back numbers.
(2 years ago)Earlier copies are entitled simply "Embroidery". You should be able to find these by searching "Embroiderers' Guild"
Periodicals on pregnancy, babies and motherhood

I have 6 periodicals on the above mentioned topic in Italian language. They are all dated second half of 2012.
Anyone who might be interested in the subject and would like to get something light and interesting to read in Italian language, just contact me. E-mail me if you want more particulars on single title or the content. They are not very heavy so if you decide to mooch more than one, we can work out a deal.
Regards to all,

1 year ago
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Pingouin decoration - tricot, crochet, broderie (knitting, crochet, embroidery)

Pingouin magazine with knitting, crochet and embroidery patterns for home decoration: tablecloths, doileys, cushion covers, sheet edgings, alphabets.
Marty Kébé (directrice de la publication) : Pingouin Decoration #146

1 year ago
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Magic loisir: les calendriers de l'avent & les boules à croquer

Je viens de lister ce magazine avec 10 calendriers d'avent à créer et des boules friandises, fleurs et graines. Préparer un Noël créatif! Paulette Rousset : Magic Loisir: les calendriers de l'avent [BM1367140660520815057] les boules de Noël

1 year ago
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Jelly & Vivi Japanese Magazines

Hi everyone!

I was wondering whether there are any moochers based in Japan or in Asia... I am desperately looking for Jelly & Vivi Magazines (it's even hard finding subscriptions online).

If someone could help me acquire these magazines (preferably Jelly), that would be amazing!


Hope =)

2 years ago
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Fait Main

J'ajoute quelques copies de cette revue à mon inventaire.

2 years ago
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Recent & Future Easy Living (UK) magazine wanted


Is there anyone living in UK who can help me acquire Easy Living magazine (UK publication)? It's difficult to find here in Italy and very expensive to have subscription. I'm looking for recent editions (starting from Nov '10). Let's work something out too for future editions.

4 years ago
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(2 years ago)Hi there, if you're still interested in this, I'm living in the UK and can acquire these for you. Let me know, we could work something out.
christmas magazines

Hi, I'm looking for usa december issues of ladies' magazines which have christmas (fiction) stories in them. Would gladly mooch these if you have some. I have a few already so please send details. thanks,Rose
I also have about 100 copies of the magazine This England if anyone is interested.

2 years ago
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Magazines Available: Archaeology, Nat. Geo, Fine Arts, and more!

I've got a ton of magazines I'd like to send on to a new reader. I've listed the titles, issues and headlines from each one below.

1 magazine - 1 point
2-3 - 2 points
4-6 - 3 points

If you want more than that, just let me know and we can work out a deal :)

The magazines available include...

- Spring 2011: New Discoveries Near Cahokia / The Role of Rock Art / Seeing hte Best of the Southwest / Underwater Archaeology

- Mar/Apr 2010: Cloning Neanderthals / Tut: Boy King or Warrior? / The Last Undeciphered Ancient Script / How Women Saved the Prehistoric Southwest / New Discoveries in Jesus' Hometown
- Jan/Feb 2012: Top 10 Discoveries of 2011 / Life in the Persian Empire / Rome's Great Sea Victory / Prehistoric Brews, Space Archaeology, Egyptian Hair Gel
- Mar/Apr 2012: The Source of Rome's Lost Aqueduct/ Return to the Trail of Tears / Coronado's Deadly Siege

ASIAN (Magazine of Asian Art Museum SF)
- Spring 2012: Maharaja: India's Royal Courts / Phantoms of Asia / Sanjay and the Maharajas / Rhinoceros Horn Artworks

- Sept./Oct. 2011: Secrets from the Dead Sea Scroll Caves / New Discoveries of Ancient Churches / The Pool of Bethesda: Reservoir or Mikveh? / Stone Oil Lamp Flames Controversy
- Jan/Feb 2012: Dig the Adventure (Field School Issue) / Inn of Good Samaritan Becomes Museum / Western Wall Plaza Excavation / New Hieroglyphic Israel Inscription

- Fall 2008: Gangsta Rap and the Heroic Ideal / Adler, Hutchins and the Great Books Experiment / Queen Elizabeth on Page and Stage / The New Literacy's Empty Promise

- Spring/Summer 2010: Birth of Impressionism
- Fall 2010: Van Gogh, Gauguin, Cezanne and Beyond / Japonesque
- Spring/Summer 2011: Balenciaga and Spain / Picasso:Masterpieces from the Musee National / Dutch and Flemish Masterworks
- Fall 2011: Piacasso / Masters of Venice / Pisarro's People

- Nov. 2009: Egypt's Animal Mummies: Pets of the Pharaohs / Reinventing Syria / Flashy Kingfishers / Madagascar's Stone Labyrinth / Harvesting Monsoon Rains / When Crocs Ruled
- Dec. 2009: Are We Alone? Searching the Heavens for Another Earth / The Other Tibet / Resurrection Island / 21st Century Hunter/Gatherers / How Plants Mate / Monks Vs. Modernity
- Jan. 2010: Merging Man and Machine: The Bionic Age / Sublime Scottish Islands / Trafficking in Wildlife / China's Spirit Worship / Clownfish: The Cost of Stardom / Tough Love in Singapore
- Feb. 2010: Polygamy in America / Life in a Cubic Foot / Protecting Patagonia / India's Nomads / New vision for Hubble / Curious Congo Chimps
- Mar. 2010: Wolf Wars / Secrets of Peru's Nasca Lines / The Venus Flytrap Diet / Upheaval in the Omo / Shanghai Shows Off
- Jun. 2010: Greenland: Ground Zero for Global Warming / Whooping Crane Count / Redemption in South Africa / Land of the Tree Kangaroo / China's Treasure Caves
- Jul. 2010: 4 Million Year Old Woman / Birds that Decorate / Pakistan's Troubled Heartland / Enchanted Brazilian Dunes / The 21st-Century Grid
- Oct. 2010: The Spill - Inside the Deepwater Disaster / The Toll in the Bayou / Sylvia Earle: Gulf Memories // Protecing Marine Life / Australia's Lost Giants / Celebrating Jane Goodall
- Jan.2011: Population 7 Billion: How Your World Will Change / Quieting a Noisy Ocean / Bleached Reefs Bounce Back / Telltale Scribes of Timbuktu / Conquering Vietnam's Megacave / America's Lost City
- Jul. 2011: Searching for the REAL Cleopatra / Not Too Late for Polar Bears / Baghdad's New Life / The Middle East: Young, Angry & Wired / How Heirloom Seeds Can Feed the World / Portuagal's Only National Park
- Dec. 2011: The King James Bible: Making a Masterpiece / How We Can Save Wild Tigers / Images of Japan's Nuclear Zone / Upstart Galaxies Flirt w/ Milky Way / The City Solution to Earth's Problems
- Feb. 2012: What Dogs Tell Us: The ABCs of DNA / The Science of Tsunamis / Kazakhstan's Brash Capital / Discovering a Lost Da Vinci / Secret Southwestern Cliffs / Cave People of Papua New Guinea

- Feb. 2011: Easy Abs / 50 Cheap Splurges / The Best Way to Lose Weight / Delicious, Healthy Dinners / Feel Calmer Every Single Day

- Mar-Apr 2010: Life on the Line: Pretty Places that Seduce, Sooth and Sometimes Kill / High Plains Poison: Unveiling Montana's Dirtiest Secret: Coal / Look Man, No Car! Public Transit that Makes Your Thighs Burn / Plan an Eco-Escape to Canada's Coast
- Nov-Dec 2010: Slower, Higher Deeper - Snowboarding's anti-machine manifesto / Artic Blues: First Oil, Now Coal / Know Your Nukes / Future Blimps / Live in a tree
- Jan-Feb 2011: Beyond The Barrel: Can we really get off oil in 20 years? / Mauled: Grizzly Bear Politics gets bloody / Laotian Time Bombs: A war's explosive environmental legacy
- Jul-Aug 2011: Thoreau Was Wrong: On the trail, it's SPEED that inspires / Hybrid Warships: The Greening of the U. S. Military / Car-Free Cities / Chill Desserts / Cheatercycles / Save the Yoda Bat
- Nov-Dec 2011: How to NOT DIE Doing This: Conquering fear at a school for big mountain manacis / Coal & Sushi / The Manatee Menace
- Jan-Feb 2012: Less Coal, More Jobs, Right Now / Eco-Grains / Hot Crust Skiing / Future Poop /

- Dec. 2010: One Woman's Lifelong Quest to Save the Orangutan / China's Dinosaurs / An Archaeologist in Afghanistan / A Yuletide Act of Kindness / Alexis Rockman / San Miguel de Allende
- Oct. 2011: A Brighter Future for the Jaguar / The Indians Who Greeted Columbus / Madame Curie's Passion / Willem de Kooning Still Dazzles / Holiday in Greenland / Pumpkins as Big as the Ritz
- Dec. 2011: Volcano Voyage: A Crater Escape in Hawaii / Earth-Friendly Cement / Heirloom Wheat / Sperm Whales Beckon / Dismantling a Dam
- Jan. 2012: Introducing Evotourism: Must See Stops on Our Evolution World Tour / Gertrude Stein Mobilizes Modern Art / Roger Williams Separates Church and State / Annie Leibovitz Celebrates America
- Feb. 2012: The Obsession Issue: The New Craze for Dickens, The World's Sexiest Flower, Gold Fever in the Amazon

- Summer 2008: Ming Court Arts
- Fall 2008: Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures from the National Museum, Kabul
- Jan-June 2010: Shanghai (an exhibit of art celebrating East meets West in Shanghai)
- July-Dec. 2010: Five Centuries of Japanese Screens
- Spring-Summer 2011: Bali: Art, Ritual, Performance

- Mar-Apr 2011: Tide Pools / Valley of Fire / The happiest place? / Best pet spots / See otters / Utah's Goblin Valley / Yo Yo Ma
- Nov-Dec 2011: Palm Springs / Sacramento trains / Amazing zoos / Salk Lake City
- Jan-Feb 2012 Lake Tahoe / Driving Quiz / A New Wine Escape / hawaii's Food Hero / Utah's Dino-mite New Museum

3 years ago

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(3 years ago)Adding new issues :)
(3 years ago)Added a ton of new magazines :)
(3 years ago)Added more magazines.
(3 years ago)Added some new magazines.
(3 years ago)Added some new issues.
(3 years ago)I should have said - e-mail me with the issues you want, and I'll be in touch!
Glamour magazine (3 issues) and More magazine (6 issues)

Offering 3 issues of Glamour:

October 2011 - Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore, Alicia Keys
September 2011 - Rihanna
August 2011 - Heidi Klum

Offering 6 issues of More:

February 2012 - Michelle Obama
December 2011 / January 2012 - Queen Latifah
November 2011 - Mariska Hargitay
October 2011 - Naomi Watts
September 2011 - Julie Bowen
July / August 2011 - Lisa Kudrow


Magazines may be mooched 1-magazine-for-1-point (like a book), or 3-magazines-for-2-points. Mooch 3 magazines, and I will return 1 point to you after I send them.

3 years ago
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Popular Photography magazine for November 2010

I have just added the above in good condition to my inventory, just in case anyone is interested.

Various : Popular Photography Magazine November 2010

Feature articles: Make mine monochrome - Imagining b&w landscapes can be easy, Picture Books - Want to bring your photos from the screen to a photo book? We tried out 10 main options, Friends & Family - Photojournalists share their secrets for capturing loved ones in their most candid moments, and more...

3 years ago
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Cooking magazines 4 for 1

Cleaning out the cookbook shelf... I've just listed 4 cooking magazines: 2 issues of Taste of Home Simple and Delicious, one Taste of Home Healthy Cooking, and one issue of Clean Eating. I'm offering them all for a point - mooch one and I will send you them all.

3 years ago
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(3 years ago)Bumping this post to say these magazines are still available. I'll delist them and donate them to the thrift store next week if no one is interested.
Misc. Magazines - photography, etc!

Hey everyone! I'm paring down my magazines!

1 magazine = 1 point or make an offer if you plan on taking more than 2.

Digital Photo - Sep/Oct 2010
Shutterbug - July 2010
Shutterbug - September 2010

Real Simple - June 2010 --if you want this magazine I'll toss in a freebie: All You - 7/22/2011 issue (I think all the coupons are expired but there's some content/recipies/whatever anyway, it's not cut up.

3 years ago
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Oprah, More, Real Simple, Heart of New Hampshire

I have many of these magazines listed in my inventory, and they need a new home. Pick any 5 for 3 points........or make me an offer....

3 years ago
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Looking for SPY magazines

Anyone have copies of the snarky late-80s humor magazine SPY? Feel free to list them, or contact me off-site.

3 years ago
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