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Sorry for the interruption!

In case you didn't notice, BookMooch was unavailable for two and a half days, and is now back.

My apologies for the down time!

The reason I brought BookMooch down is that a drive on the BookMooch server told the operating system that it was "failing" and would soon be completely dead. This "advance warning" is a new feature that some hard drives have called SMART and it's darned handy!

I thought I'd play it safe, as I wasn't sure what that drive was used for (the error was a bit cryptic). So, I shut BookMooch down, backed everything up, and asked my helper to buy a new drive, and copy the about-to-fail drive to it. In the process, I also figured out that the dying drive was used only for backups and archiving web site logs.

The copying of the old drive to the new one took a day and a half, and in hindsight, I shouldn't have bothered: I thought it'd be good to have the old logs and old backups. In the end, the old drive died during backup, and I just switched to the new drive, but that's why we were down for as long as we were, rather than back up on sunday.

Anyhow, for those of you who were curious what was up, that's what happened!

Thankfully, the whole episode only cost a few hours of my helper's time (I do pay him to do hardware work for me) and a new hard disk.

Those of you who give a little made it possible for the funds to be there to take care of this little problem. Thanks a mil!


John Buckman
3 years ago


Thank you for all your hard work John.
Bookmooch Journal Library Charity
3 years ago
Thanks from me too :-)
I'm glad the site is in safe hands.
3 years ago
Thanks so much John for ALWAYS making sure things are working
properly and keeping the site SAFE for all of us to use!!! Was
missing my BOOKMOOCH "fix" but would rather things work right than
have issues down the road so you did the right thing for all of us!!!
3 years ago
Thanks so much for fixing the problem, John, as well as for keeping us so well informed during the downtime!
3 years ago
Good to have you back, and thank you for all your hard work for all of us moochers!
3 years ago
3 years ago
Thanks John!!!!
3 years ago
Glad it wasn't a major issue and thanks for this wonderful site and all your hard work. I haven't given a little bit in a while now that I think about it, so I plan to do so this week.
3 years ago
I was having "Bookmooch" withdraw; thank you for all you do!!!
3 years ago
Glad all is well. I find everything is working more quickly, so I think it was worth the 2 days' wait. Thanks for all you do, John.
3 years ago
Wow!! Scary stuff esp. for a technophobe like me but thanks for all that you do John!
3 years ago
I am new to BookMooch and hadn't realised what an addict i am until it wasn't there!! Thank you so much for keeping us informed! I love the site! xxxx
3 years ago
Yay John! That Joni Mitchell song rings true once again . . . "don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you got till it's gone?" so glad you place a priority on preventative action, it could have been a very big mes otherwise! Thanks for all you do from an international moocher who is currenly clearing out her communit library to make room for new acqisitions. Knowing many books can be listed and help out moochers all ovr the world is a huge perk to this otherwise unpleasant task - why can't we just keep on expanding libraries rather than culling books from existing ones? Just (mostly) kidding!
Leah Benamy
3 years ago
Can I just mention here that whilst Bookmooch was down the journal site at and was still available for journallers to browse and plan what they will mooch once Bookmooch is up and running again!
There is also a new list (completed just before the BM down time) of journals available in moocher's inventories currently on the journal forum here on Bookmooch.
Bookmooch Journal Library Charity
3 years ago
Hey John, thanks for all you do. Despite the tech refusing to work with you on being proactive, best you tried even though it wasn't terribly important. If you hadn't gotten right on it, you know it would have been a critical data loss :-)

Thanks for the info too. It is really nice of you to keep us all in the loop!

3 years ago
Thank you so much for keeping this system going. When you are a BM addict as I am, it's just awful when the site is not there.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Thank you again John for all the work you do on our behalf. Love the site!
3 years ago
Thank you John for all you do for Bookmooch. I totally love this site and am addicted I admit! Thanks for all your hard work!
3 years ago
Thanks, not just for the GREAT work, for keeping us moochers informed and updated throughout the process!
3 years ago
Thank you for keeping us updated!
3 years ago
Thank you, John, for your great communication about everything! I'd like to have that feature on my hard drive itself, actually.
Emily Martha Sorensen
3 years ago
Thanks for all the hard work, John. I especially appreciated the updated messages on the website so we knew what was going on and weren't left wondering.
3 years ago
Glad you caught the problem early and took the time to update you loyal fans! Also very glad my BM is up and running again.
3 years ago
There is no need for you to apologize; thanks for your diligence in preserving this wonderful site along with its data integrity and for the great communications during the process. Have a great day!
John Vernon Scott
3 years ago
I had wondered if all was well, all your efforts to keep Bookmooch running are appreciated. Thankyou so much.
3 years ago
John, we love you. A weekend without Bookmooch brings on withdrawal symptoms. Welcome back.
3 years ago
Thanxs John, you are the best!!!!
3 years ago
Thanks John!
3 years ago
thank you John for all your hardwork with Bookmooch.
3 years ago
Thank you for the update, it made me feel better. I mailed my book anyway but couldn't inform the receiver. No harm no foul!
3 years ago
Hi John, Thanks for communicating so well with your BookMoocher followers. I'll be mooching again in May once I relocate from Chicago to Berkeley. For now, I'm selling the rest of my book hoard to pay the cost of gas for the long drive to CA! Cathy
Cathy Hampton
3 years ago
Thanks for all you do for Bookmooch! Your status updates helped me feel more patient since I knew what was going on, and I imagine it helped others to be more patient as well.
3 years ago
John, I hope you have family (blood relatives and others) who appreciate you as much as your mooch family does. You are GREAT! Thank you for all that you do for us. chelle
chelle phillips
3 years ago
As always, THANK YOU! You spoil us so...
Stanley Olszyna
3 years ago
Thanks John for all your hard work & dedication!! Without you my daughter & I would read a whole lot less!!
T.R. Baker
3 years ago
Thank you, John for all that you do,


Judy Morse
3 years ago
Thanks very much, John for informing us of the problem & its solution. I missed it as I was trying to register having received a couple of books but wasn't able to. I sent the moocher a think you email to let him know I had got the books, then I registered them on BookMooch once it was up & running again.


3 years ago
Hi John,

Just so you know, SMART isn't all that new - it's been around since the mid 90s. It irks me to know that SMART could be so much more useful, but "threshold exceeded/not exceeded" is too vague a basis for some really great diagnostics.

Adam J Richardson
3 years ago

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