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BM Birthday today: 5 years!

Five years ago, on August 7, 2006, BookMooch came into this world!

As of today, over three million books have been swapped (3,010,523 to be exact) on BookMooch!

A big thanks to all my fellow moochers for making this crazy idea work.

BM originally took 18 months to write, from an idea I had in 2004. I was a bit depressed at the time about my corporate job, and wanted to work on something I felt really positive about, which is how BookMooch was born. Wow, it's turned out well!

Also, a million thanks to Mark and the other volunteer admins, who do everything from answer tech support to mediate disputes. Without them, the site wouldn't work anywhere as well, nor have as positive a culture it has, and I wouldn't have any time to do any programming!

If you'd like to express your love for BookMooch, can I encourage you to "give a little" at

Even a teeny donation of $3 per month really helps, since BM is totally volunteer based. My time is donated, as are all the admins, and other volunteers as well (such as at trade shows) -- nobody gets paid for helping run BM. A little bit of money get stretched a looong way.

And thanks again to all the moochers world-wide for making mooching so much fun, and such a great way to live!


John Buckman
3 years ago


Thank you so much, John! I really appreciate everything you've done to enrich my life with more good books! Bravo!
3 years ago
Thank YOU for all the work YOU do! I, too, am grateful for the opportunity to read books I would not have, otherwise! It is also fun to get friends to discover it and follow their excitement! Thanks...
3 years ago
Happy Birthday to Bookmooch and thanks to John and all those who volunteer their time and effort into making the site work so well, I for one am very appreciative :)
Jo Gadsden
3 years ago
Happy birthday wonderful BookMooch!!!
3 years ago
Happy birthday BookMooch! And thank you John and all the other volunteers for your time and efforts! :)
3 years ago
Brilliant - really love the site - Have sent books all over the place and received lots that I wanted - keep up the good work
Greg Blundal
3 years ago
Penblwydd hapus i Bookmooch! Let me be the first to congratulate you in a language other than English - it's Welsh. We have been delighted with the growth in journallers from non-English speaking countries since the inception of the Bookmooch Journal Library (bmjl) and I hope it means a bigger input in Bookmooch and a corresponding growth in countries where English is not the first language! Journals, especially pictorial journals are for all languages and nationalities!

Llongyfarchiadau John and thank you for all your hard work! Gill

Bookmooch Journal Library Charity
3 years ago
Happy Birthday Bookmooch.. what a wonderful day for you!! I have loved being a member with you all these years,I have met lots of great people, and received some super books.. Thank you for letting me be a part of your great team... Thank you for all your hard work and great ideas... God bless you all... Marti
3 years ago
Woo Hoo!
3 years ago
Happy Birthday BookMooch!
Nicky B
3 years ago
I've been around BookMooch nearly since the beginning and I love it as much as ever. Thanks, John, for all of your time and hard work! Here's to many more!
3 years ago
I didn't know that BookMooch existed half a decade. Wonderful news. Time passes so fast, I myself am a member for two years now. Happy birthday from Macedonia! Thank You for the courage to start such a wonderful website and community. Being part of this is a very positive and unique experience. The idea that I read about, and was only working in some countries and cultures, suddenly became worldwide and I could participate it. A dream come true. Mooching is wonderful. Exchanging is wonderful. I am happy that this community has so many members.
3 years ago
HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY to BOOKMOOCH ! Thanks John and all the others behind the scenes who do such a great job volunteering your time to make this site the best ever! I loved it from the first day I found it and continue to sing its praises to all my family and friends urging everyone to join!!! As a voracious reader I would be so lost without it!!! Keep up the wonderful job.
3 years ago
Happy Birthday! Bookmooch is one of the really great things in my life. I get wonderful books and friends; what a win-win!
Betty Boggs
3 years ago
Happy Birthday to this truly amazing site!! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be part of it :D
3 years ago
Happy Birthday BM.
Thanks for giving me the lifeline of books to read in my own language, the pleasure of exchanging them with people all over the world, and the biggest TBR pile I've ever had. Only when you've been starved of reading material can you understand the pleasure of looking at a database and being able to choose what books you'd like to mooch next. Giving away books I no longer need and putting others in their place means I'll never have empty shelves.
I'm raising my coffee cup to toast full bookshelves and a long life for BM.
3 years ago
Happy birthday!
3 years ago
I just checked my bio, and it turns out I joined BM exactly a week after it went live - feel quite proud to be one of the earliest members! Thanks to John, the admins and all the lovely moochers who have helped ensure that I'm never short of anything to read!
Sophie Houston
3 years ago
Happy Birthday to Book Mooch and long may it continue !!!!
3 years ago
To John, Mark and all volunteers you are appreciated more than can be expressed. Thank you and Happy Birthday.
3 years ago
That's impressive, well done to everyone for keeping it going so long. I love BookMooch ^_^
3 years ago
3 years ago
Thank you bookmooch!
3 years ago
Happy Birthday and many thanks for all you and the others do, great site.
3 years ago
Happy Birthday Bookmooch! Thank you for this wonderful site!
3 years ago
Happy Birthday Bookmooch!

Many happy mooches to come!


3 years ago
Happy Birthday BM ...
I found this site by accident and fell in love right away , but this site has been more to me than just a place to trade and mooch books. My son was killed ten months ago, he was 15 and killed because of a driver who had no respect for my son or the rules of the road, but being able to come here and mooch books have been a LIFE LINE for me. The past two months I have found such comfort in reading and escapeing reality for awhile so THANK YOU BM and HAPPY HAPPY BDAY to you ! ((((HUG))))
3 years ago
Happy Birthday Bookmooch!
Hercules Invictus
3 years ago
Cor that makes me a pioneering member as I joined in December 2006. Happy birthday!
John Alwyine-Mosely
3 years ago
I, too, joined BookMooch exactly a week after it launched. I had just donated some books to Goodwill and scrambled to get 10 in my inventory so I could mooch one. Now I've given away more than 300 and am approaching 300 mooches! I love how BookMooch has built up my personal library and how I am exposed to books I might not have otherwise tried.
3 years ago
G'day and happy birthday to Bookmooch!
3 years ago
BookMooch and I were born on the same day! It must be fate!
Alex K
3 years ago
Happy Birthday. I love BM, warts and all.
3 years ago
And many more! Best wishes.
Mary M Johnson
3 years ago
Happy Birthday BMooch!
3 years ago
Congratulations on you Fifth Birthday keep up the great work it is very much appreciated
3 years ago
Happy Birthday, BookMooch!
3 years ago
Happy Birthday!
Gloria Carrasco
3 years ago
So glad you started BookMooch, John - it's positively impacted my life and the lives of my grandchildren.
3 years ago
Happy birthday to wonderful BookMooch! We all love you!
Emily Martha Sorensen
3 years ago
Happy birthday Bookmooch! Thank you for filling my bookshelf and for the many wonderful hours spent reading.
3 years ago
Congratulations - Bookmooch is a wonderful way to recycle books. I have never had so many books to read. It is wonderful to have a site where you can send to and receive from all parts of the world.

Royal Mail is probably very happy that you exist, although my postman must sometimes regret my mooching sessions!

Thank you


3 years ago
I wouldn't want to repeat myself here, but because I have just obtained my BA (Hons.), I can say that I wouldn't have managed my distance learning without BookMooch. I have been an active member since August 2006 and it helped me get academic books I wouldn't have been able to afford up to now. Made some lifelong friends via the site too! John, you are a *star*! :-)
3 years ago
Happy, happy birthday!!! :)

Wow, I just checked and it looks like I joined about five months later in January '07. I read about it in a magazine (Good Housekeeping?) and checked it out afterwards. I think I joined PaperBackSwap in October 2006 and that was the start of my swapping adventures. It's easier than I thought it would be.

I love swapping sites and am happy that they're around so I can get the books I want (especially ones that the library may not have) and all I pay is the postage. With Borders going out of business I'll buy even fewer new books (Barnes & Noble doesn't offer many coupons) and I don't buy many now. I don't have the money to buy books on Amazon, so swapping books online is cheaper for me. It's great to swap books that I no longer want and they get a new home. I have tons of books, many that I picked up at book sales, and you never know what someone will want.

I like to look up upcoming books and put them on my wishlist and hopefully I'll get some I want.

Guess I've spent a ton on postage since I've been swapping but it's a lot of fun.

Michelle Fidler
3 years ago
Happy birthday!!!
3 years ago
Thanks to all the volunteers, to John for coming up with the idea, and to all the wonderful readers who make this all work! Happy birthday!!!
3 years ago
Happy Birthday! Thanks to John and all the other volunteers who make this such a great site. My son introduced me to bookmooch because he felt I had to start giving away some of my books, but little did he, nor I, know, that my bookshelves would empty and refill time and again! LOL I love BookMooch. I've tried new genres, discovered new authors and am enjoying reading on a whole new level! Thanks everyone!
3 years ago
Happy Birthday, and thanks! As a teacher and former grad student, I couldn't have made it here without this site. Best wishes and thanks again to John and all volunteers!
3 years ago
Happy birthday, Bookmooch! Thanks to John & all of the admins for keeping it going. I am far happier exchanging books than I was buying and selling them. Putting a price on something that is priceless somehow cheapens it. I've had a great time learning about new books by cruising other moochers wishlists and inventories. I may never have heard of some great books otherwise.
3 years ago
Happy Birthday BookMooch ! The greatest idea ever !
Manuela Ziemer
3 years ago

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