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brownbear (United Kingdom) : member bio

Name: brownbear (United Kingdom)
Userid: brownbear
(I give a little)

Inventory: 36
Points: 60.8
Mooched/given: 2028/1959
Pending mooch/give: 8/8
Mooch ratio: 1.14:1

Wishlist: 1353
Feedback: +1960
Smooches: 89
Charitable gifts: 34
Charity received: 33
Friends: 44
Cancelled requests: 146
Books receiving lost: 42
Books sending lost: 17
Rejected requests: 40

Will send: worldwide
Joined: 2008/04/29
Last here: 9 hours ago
Country: United Kingdom

Books in inventory: 36

Status message:
Condition of books - I generally only state if a book is very good or bad. I don't bother if a book has a creased spine and minimal cover creases or damage. Please ask if you would like to know the condition of a particular book.

I am very happy to send books worldwide - feel free to mooch more than 1 book - it keeps the costs down!

I'm willing to be an angel if you are outside the UK, mooching one of my books and there are books that only a UK moocher has. Just let me know.

****Books will be sent second class in the UK and Surface Mail for rest of world. Surface mail can take 6-8 weeks****

Books from a smoke-free and pet-free home, although this may not always be true for swaps I have received.

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a_book_search_among_friends, angel_requests_2010_may, angels_needed_or_offered, bookmooch_blog, discussion, european_moochers, feature_requests, magazines_periodicals.

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angel_requests_2010_may, angels_needed_or_offered, bookmooch_blog, european_moochers, feature_requests, magazines_periodicals.