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jacquie (France) : member bio

Name: jacquie (France)
Userid: jacquiegatine

Inventory: 192
Points: 95.7
Mooched/given: 2707/1953
Pending mooch/give: 8/6
Mooch ratio: 1.40:1

Wishlist: 5422
Feedback: +1950
Smooches: 70
Charitable gifts: 8
Charity received: 30
Friends: 64
Cancelled requests: 288
Books receiving lost: 26
Books sending lost: 5
Rejected requests: 66

Will send: worldwide
Joined: 2008/05/06
Last here: 5 hours ago
Country: France

Books in inventory: 192

I usually try and post all mooches within a week.
Two-book mooch minimum outside Europe, please. French postal rates increased by 7% in January 2015.

Cancellations: I cleared out some books from my stock for a charity sale and have come across some that were not removed from my BM inventory. My apologies to those who have mooched these from me and where I've had to cancel.

I generally add several books a month to my inventory.

I have BookMooch cards and marks ready to mooch - for moochers in countries other than the UK and USA (where these are available through a BM account or other people). If you're in the UK or US, please mooch locally.
I also send cards with any book you mooch (except for the US - apologies but BM cards are quite easily available to mooch in the US and have only recently been available in Europe. Furthermore, "commercial items" aren't allowed to be sent economy rate post, and I can't afford to use the more expensive service). I'll remove this comment once I run out.

More and more of my mooches are being delayed and arrive with French customs scan labels on the envelopes. I mark books received as they arrive, but someone seems to have decided to take an interest in my books ;-)

I'm a Brit who's lived in France since 1986. As I work in French all day, I'm too lazy to read in French. BookMooch has changed my life in that my reading material is no longer rationed, having to be bought from an online reseller or when I travel.

In difficult financial times, I am trying to continue to send worldwide. I post all books surface mail as the difference in time taken within Europe is only a day or so, yet the difference in cost enormous! However, I am no longer prepared to send hardbacks outside of Europe. I try to use French commemorative stamps in case any moochers know any stamp collectors or charities that take postage stamps. I re-use padded envelopes. Books are marked 'sent' once they've been physically handed over to the post office, but as books won't fit in our villge's tiny letterbox, this may delay sending by a day or so if I don't see the postman.

This is a non-smoking household, with a cat who has lost interest in reading. I cannot vouch for the provenance of all my books; most are previous mooches and I try to give an honest description of each book in my inventory.

I only send BookMooch journals to people who are friends of one of the BM Journal sites, for example

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