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markus petz (Austria) : member bio

Name: markus petz (Austria)
Userid: markuspetz

Inventory: 611
Points: 769.4
Mooched/given: 114/363
Pending mooch/give: 0/15
Mooch ratio: 0.31:1

Wishlist: 142
Feedback: +361
Smooches: 16
Charitable gifts: 2
Charity received: 5
Friends: 5
Cancelled requests: 9
Books receiving lost: 1
Books sending lost: 1
Rejected requests: 14

Will send: ask if not to my country
Joined: 2011/11/26
Last here: yesterday
Country: Austria

Books in inventory: 611

Status message:
I just moved to Austria and so many of my books are IN FINLAND and its expensive to send books, so please Mooch 2 BOOKS MINIMUM. I will mark Big Books as "BigBook mooch 3" - these I want 3 books Mooched please (this is because the postage is very high for the weight). However, I have a wishlist so if you offer me a book on my wishlist I will do a 1 for 1 swap with you!! I see there are lot of my wishlisted in places where people won't send abroad or listed on Amazon cheap - so you can get them.

PLEASE NOTE I WILL NOT BE MOOCHING FAST AS MY BOOKS ARE NOT WHERE I AM. If you are happy to wait some months then mooch away. If not, then please do not mooch from me.

I read loads of different kinds of things. And I like to share what I have, so not everything is Moochable and listed (but you can read it at my house). I also have a very mobile lifestyle so may be in different countries and Moochable books will change.

I collect stamps - so if you are posting to me I like stamps on my packages rather than the parcel stickers post offices use nowadays.

Many of my books are in Tampere, FINLAND and its expensive to send books, so please Mooch 2 BOOKS MINIMUM. They will be available about once or twice a year when I visit. If you are in Tampere we can of course meet and so no postage costs for anyone!

I like hard SF, factual stuff and am not keen on romance or Dan Brown (as I guess many others are also in this boat - we see a lot of his stuff listed!).

I also try and support other open and free sharing culture like Hospitality Club, NetCycler and software like DataCrow for cataloging.
If you want to really get to know a lot of these take a look at the Open Source Foundation!

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bookmooch_blog, european_moochers, feature_requests, inactive_accounts_cleanup_project, inventory_specials.

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bookmooch_blog, european_moochers, feature_requests, inventory_plugs.