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Messages: young adult books

young adult books

i have the following young adult books available in my inventory: berlingot

Linda A. Cooney : Samantha Crane on Her Own
Diane Hoh : Deadly Visions (Nightmare Hall)
Ann M. Martin : Sunny (California Diaries)
Joan Lowery Nixon : Land of Hope (Ellis Island)

come check them out!

1 year ago
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(1 year ago)I have a few YA books in my inventory, feel free to check 'em out!
Günes Yörük
X-treme Cuisine... Life skills before leaving home!

I've got a great cookbook. For the younger set in my inventory. "Recipes, interviews, etiquette, and secret tips from the greatest personalitiez in surf, skate, snow, and BMX." Richly illustrated with action photos and fairly simple instructions for the foods likely to please teens. It's not haute cuisine but it may show your kid that serving a meal is a universal pleasure achievable by all of us. Im amazed at how much "good stuff" exists nowadays for young adults. And there are no substirutes for a cookbook in today's pantheon of digital devices! Bon Appetit young son.

Michael F Braddock
1 year ago
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A good survival story!

I have "The Hatchet" available in my Inventory. Suitable for younger teens and mature pre-teens. As an adult reader it held my interest despite being a quick read. There is a brief but exciting description of a moose attack!

Perfect reading for a summer camping trip.

Michael F Braddock
1 year ago
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(1 year ago)This was one of my favorite books when I was younger, and I've been meaning to get a copy of it to reread. I'll mooch it now!

I'm a teenager and I read primarily young adult books. Books on my wishlist don't come up that often, but it would be cool if I could check out inventories of other people who have ya books so I can find books not on my list as well. Also, I often have books that I haven't posted yet (most on there are my mom's), so I can look at your lists as well to see if maybe I have some on there!
Hope this forum will help some people, and thanks!

2 years ago

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(2 years ago)@birdbrain- thanks for the link! it looks cool and i'd like to join- i'll go try to figure that out now...
(2 years ago)Check out the International Wishlist Tag Game">Intermational Wishlist Tag Game Forum. Someone might offer you some of your wishlisted books. More participants would certainly improve the odds of getting tagged. Give it a shot. You've got nothing to lose and you might even score a book or two that you've been wishing for. Free for All">Intermational Wishlist Tag Game Free for All
(2 years ago)Hi Tia, no problem starting your own forum, especially since it does seem to be a new topic. I have read YA books (since I work with young people) and I know there are quite a few others who do as well. Hopefully you'll get a few who do to join you here;)
(2 years ago)i'll do that-thanks!
(2 years ago)Tho I'm not a young adult....I think it's perfectly fine starting this forum, as it is a new category/genre that doesn't have its own forum yet....tho you could advertise that you started it on the general discussion forum--that would help get the word out :) ! Just my opinion...
Melanie C.
(2 years ago)oh, and sorry i didn't put it with the other discussions... i didn't notice that was what everyone else was doing...