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BM Journal Project going strong

I want to write a bit about the BookMooch Journal Project, as it has been under the able leadership of Gill Tennant and has been growing strongly for some time now.

You can browse the existing journals here.

Journals are collaboratively written "books", though they vary widely, all the way from scrapbooks to wacky concepts and even prose. Here's a short description:

 Participants can mooch your journal just like any other book listed on BookMooch. Each person that mooches a journal adds their entry, and within two weeks re-posts it into the BookMooch system to be mooched by another member, who adds their entry to the journal and again adds it back to BookMooch for the next moocher (adding to the inventory by its number), and so on. When the journal is completed, it is sent back to its owner.

The "about page" explains what the journals are about, and how they work:

A complete list of journals to mooch is available on this forum:
BookMooch Journals

and Gill recommends that you join this forum to keep up to date with what journals are available. You can do so by clicking here.

You'll also find that many people create a mini-conversation around a journal, on the books page, such as this journal about "Anything and Everything British"

I recently dropped a few vintage postcards of London into the Postcards of London journal.

The web site has been completely revamped, and new books are being created at an incredible rate. Can you believe that 16 new journals were created in just the past 7 days !?!?!?

Give it a try, as many journals take just a few minutes for you to contribute, and it's a great feeling!


p.s.: Gill wrote me to add:

I need to emphasise though that all this would not be possible without the groundwork done by Alicia Edwards on setting up and financing the journal site for a good number of years.

Also I am ably assisted by 6 journallers worldwide who run individual shelves to recover stalled and lost journals which are then added to the journal library inventory for any journaller to request. They are: BMJournal Library Charity N. America Shelf (Alaska) BMJournals Library Charity Australasia Shelf BMJournal Library Charity Americas Shelf BMJournals Library Charity N. Europe bookshelf bmjstates BMJournal Library Charity Mediterranean and African Shelf

Also a plea that all journallers become friends of Bookmooch Journal Library Charity (which you can do by clicking here) - the local mooching and international sending means this is one charity that does not need points donated - but it helps us keep an eye on journals and provide information to new journallers and journal-creators.

John Buckman
3 years ago



All of us journallers appreciate what you're doing here (or we will when we find out about about your blog at any rate) and this in addition to the already awesome Bookmooch!


3 years ago
The BookMooch journals are a really fascinating thing. I love that you had the idea, and people have been implementing it so cleverly!
Emily Martha Sorensen
3 years ago
Warning - Journals are so much fun & Addicting!!! I love working on & creating them! And have made a couple of really good friends through journaling.
3 years ago
I participated in a few journals and it is fun to read what others have added - there is a lot of creativity around and it is always good to share!
3 years ago
I have mooched quite a few Journals and have really enjoyed working on them and loved reading all the other entries.

I can only recommend the BM Journal project to anyone. No need to be a scrapbooking expert or overly creative. Find a Journal or two with a topic that you like and mooch away!

2 years ago
Can I mention an ex-journaller here?

Please note a Readathon in memory of Dewey is being held on October 13th in memory of Dewey. See
Bookmooch Journal Library Charity
2 years ago
What happens to the journals when they are done -- or do they go on forever like RLS' dark brown river?
2 years ago
Hi NinaBryna, Each journal's ownership is retained by the creator. I am just sending a journal home at present, and a number of completed ones are marked on the journal site at as "returned to creator, completed".
When the journal creator has abandoned Bookmooch and can not be traced (we mail them even if they have left Bookmooch), then the journals will be offered on Bookmooch as completed journals for any interested journaller to mooch or to keep if there is no interest from others in seeing them.
Slideshows of journals are added to their BM page whenever we can, and for completed ones I plan to add them instead to the journal site, where all the contributors can view them. I am still working out how to do that since our original slideshow site closed and we found the alternative way of displaying slideshows on Bookmooch.
Other journals may indeed just go on forever - I add pages to my homemade ones as they fill up but am limited by the five spine sizes available! Once full a Volume 2 may be created. :-)
Bookmooch Journal Library Charity
2 years ago

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