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Emails have changed

Today, I changed how emails from BookMooch will look when they're sent to you.

In the past, emails for mooch requests, and other messages from members, came from the member's email address itself.

This was convenient, but a few web sites thought that technique made our emails look like spam. A few emails services couldn't receive our emails, but most could.

A few days ago, Yahoo mail changed their policy so that they would no longer accept emails like this (ie, that say they're From: one person, but some other company sent the email).

So... time to change! We've got to be able to get our emails to Yahoo, they're too big to ignore!

As of today, I've changed how emails from BookMooch now look.

From now on, emails from BookMooch will be From: "" but the Reply-To: address will be the user who sent the email (or made the mooch request).

In *most* cases, you shouldn't perceive any difference. Most email programs will correctly reply to the Reply-To address.

However, if you do send an email to, you'll get a bounce back that it was undeliverable. This would happen if you decided to send to both the Reply-To address (ie, the member) and also back to as well. So, don't do it!

Hopefully, this change will go smoothly. If you see problems, please email tech support and we'll try to figure the problem out!


John Buckman
11 months, 20 days ago


Thanks, John!
Sophie Houston
11 months, 20 days ago
What's so difficult to check your SPAM when you go to your email page? I'm afraid this is going to be a pain in the neck.

Old Chinese saying:If it ain't broke, don't fix it

11 months, 20 days ago
Nina - If I understood what Yahoo put out there, the emails may not even be delivered to be able to check your spam box for them. So it is a matter of making sure anyone with a Yahoo email would be notified of a mooch or available book, etc
11 months, 20 days ago
John -- Thank you once again! Going above and beyond, as always.
Hercules40 (a.k.a. PapaG)
11 months, 20 days ago
Thanks so much!!
11 months, 20 days ago
it seems like Yahoo wasn't the only email provider not allowing Bookmooch emails through. Hopefully this will fix the problem!
11 months, 20 days ago
Nina - my spam is always full of crap and it would be hard to go through everything everyday just to check if I have a book to send or receive when I don't even use Book Mooch everyday. The change is good. Thanks John!
The Reader
11 months, 20 days ago
I did check my spam folder in Yahoo and any messages sent to me from Bookmooch didn't even appear there. The only emails I found there from BM were the bounced emails that were sent to other members when I mooched a book, accepted a mooch, mailed books, etc. BTW, those emails bounced to several providers, not just Yahoo. John, thank you for fixing this.
11 months, 20 days ago
I check my spam file daily and clear it out. No legit messages were ever there, just notices of bad mail, like the comment from Jennifer. Thank you for dealing with this.
Jeannine Gardella
11 months, 20 days ago
WooHoo!!!! Can't wait to try it out! Thanks for working on it!
11 months, 19 days ago
So, guys, does this seem to have done the trick?
John Buckman
11 months, 19 days ago
I'm getting my mooch e-mails on both of my e-mail accounts, but sometimes the reply to is the moocher, sometimes there is no reply to e-mail, so I don't get the other person's e-mail address, not really a problem, as I can use the e-mail form on Bookmooch, just takes another step. (Mooch accepted e-mail had correct reply-to, Mooch requests did not).
11 months, 19 days ago
I have Yahoo and the last time I checked, I've always received emails from Bookmooch in my inbox. I haven't checked it in a week, though. If I'm not expecting anything, I don't check it.
11 months, 19 days ago
I think that there's a problem. I logged into bookmooch to list a new book and found that someone wanted to mooch a book from me but I had received no message to my Gmail account.
11 months, 18 days ago
I had the same problem with my gmail account. There was a mooch waiting for me for a week before I logged into bookmooch, and I double-checked my email, and I received no notification email.
11 months, 17 days ago
I had the same problem with my Comcast account. I got a reminder today of a mooch. Looking in the Bookmooch website, I see that the request was made May 6, but I never got an email about the mooch.
11 months, 17 days ago
The new emails seem to work for me. I use a Yahoo email account. On Tuesday 5/13 I received two separate BookMooch system emails, one for a book received and one for a book sent. They each had From, Reply-To "Joe" . Using the Yahoo web mail interface, to see the Reply-To address, you can either click "Full Headers" within the message, or reply to the message and examine the "To" address.
11 months, 17 days ago
Same problem here. Had a Mooch request and received no email at all, not even in Spam.
Joseph Camann
11 months, 16 days ago
Maybe this explains why some people never respond to mooch requests?
11 months, 15 days ago
I would get a warning but the emails were delivered anyway (Yahoo), With changes - no problem so far.
Ed Hahn
11 months, 14 days ago
The only problem I see is that all e-mails from BOOKMOOCH now come from the same e-mail address, including notifications about available books in my WISHLIST, as well as Forum replies.

So, I can't automatically sort them with my e-mail program.

Forum messages into folder.
Notifications to the top for immediate attention.

Hercules40 (a.k.a. PapaG)
11 months, 13 days ago
Hercules40, try filtering them on the object instead.
10 months, 13 days ago
It doesn't work. I tried to reply to a request on my iPad (I am travelling at the moment) and got an "undeliverable" message from the email postmaster
Please fix
10 months, 12 days ago
A full month of messages from "" wound up in spam; could be possibly more but spam is automatically emptied after 30 days. I hope you don't freeze my account because I didn't answer within a week.
I still think a week is to short a time, some of don't sit a computers enldessly, or twiddle smart phones all day long.
10 months, 6 days ago
Do I have something set wrong or is it my imagination that most of the recent books listed any more are in foreign languages?
9 months, 6 days ago
@lizbiz This is an international site and it looks like a someone from Italy has just joined and posted quite a few books. Because new members joining and older members adding books has slowed down, one new member putting up their inventory can take up quite a bit of the recent books page for a day or so. There used to be a way to filter the results by country, but I don't think there is anymore.
9 months, 5 days ago
For some years now (starting between October and November 2011), the bookmooch server had been configured with a wrong hostname, i.e. "www" without a domain. It had been using this name - which is invalid for this purpose - in the SMTP dialog greeting phase (HELO/EHLO) when sending mail, leading to bounced mails from a lot of mail providers, even larger ones. A lot of people won't have got their notification mails.

That has changed now, AFAIS, but mail sent from has another problem as this address does not exist: some mail providers check for a valid return address (or envelope "from" address, as given by MAIL FROM in the SMTP dialog) and won't accept mail with an invalid sender.

It would be better to accept mail sent to and just blackhole it (or send an auto-reply). Lost mail from BookMooch is no small problem as I think I'm not the only one logging in only to add books to my inventory every other week (or month) and relying on mail notifications for mooch requests. If I don't get mail, I'll miss the mooch requests ...


Thomas Hochstein
9 months, 5 days ago

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