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Michelle (USA: MA) : member bio

Name: Michelle (USA: MA)
Userid: ladymi

Inventory: 29
Points: 68
Mooched/given: 238/261
Pending mooch/give: 7/2
Mooch ratio: 0.91:1

Wishlist: 198
Feedback: +261
Smooches: 3
Friends: 7
Cancelled requests: 24
Books receiving lost: 5
Books sending lost: 1

Will send: worldwide
Joined: 2009/08/02
Last here: logged in now
Country: United States

Books in inventory: 29

Status message:
**Jan. 30** We got over 2 feet of snow on Tuesday, and it looks like we may get another foot of snow on top of that. So any new mooches may be delayed. I hate snow!!!! Thank you for your patience.

JANUARY 2015.........I mail all USA books on Saturdays.

I can only afford to send one OVERSEAS mooch each month. This month I will be mailing to Greece and next month has just been taken. MARCH is still open.

Sometimes I have a hard time going online, but just know that if I'm able to accept your mooch request, then it WILL be in the mail, whether or not I'm actually able to post it as being SENT.

Sorry, but I don't check my emails often, so don't be surprised if I don't takes too long for my Inbox to load properly, because I've got an old computer. Plus I've still got dial-up. Blech

I love, love, LOVE to read books!!! I get my books from second-hand stores, yardsales, fleamarkets, library sales, thrift stores, mail-order companies, and family. I also mooch here....of course.

I live in a smoke-free and pet-free apartment. I prefer reading Hardcovers rather than Paperbacks, but will mooch what's available.

I love reading James Patterson..he's my favorite. Then there's Sue Grafton, Tess Gerritsen, Lisa Scottoline, Janet Evanovich, Dean Koontz. Richard Laymon...but I've gotta be in the mood for those, cuz he can get a little raunchy at times. I also like some of the earlier stuff by Stephen King. I'm just getting into John Jakes, and I think he's fantastic!! OH, and anything to do with TV tie-in series like "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" & "Angel", "Charmed", "Lost", "Heroes", "Mr. Monk", "Quantum Leap", "Star Wars", "Star Trek".

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