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Tina (Germany) : member bio

Name: Tina (Germany)
Userid: diffile

Inventory: 72
Points: 247.9
Mooched/given: 11/113
Pending mooch/give: 0/4
Mooch ratio: 0.09:1

Wishlist: 525
Feedback: +113
Smooches: 2
Charitable gifts: 9
Friends: 1
Cancelled requests: 1

Will send: worldwide
Joined: 2011/08/19
Last here: 2 hours ago
Country: Germany

Books in inventory: 72

Status message:
I'm willing to send books worldwide, but note that when a book's weight surpasses 1 kg I might reject an international request due to postal charges. Please allow some time for the books to get to your place as I usually send them as (international) book mailing.

Book lover since early childhood, I prefer my books to be in good company rather than lying and waiting in their book transit box. So in case you are interested in several books, just let me know, you can get some credits refunded (depending on the overall postage) once they arrived safely at your place.

Non-smoking household, but as I also mooch books from other places I cannot guarantee that every book is from a non-smoking household. In case they are noticeably from a smoking household, I'll remark this in the book's condition section.

BookCrossing books are marked as BC books in the condition notes and will travel around the world for free (BM points will be refunded) when you register its receipt in a journal entry on so that the book's journey can be followed through the world :-)

Member of the BM Angel Network
BM Angel Network

Countries my books have been already traveling to:
As a book lover it pleases me whenever one of the books I posted can bring joy to another person. This map shows where these books have been traveling to up to now:

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18 states so far, still way to go!
Map thanks to: Make yours @

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angel_requests_2010_may, angels_needed_or_offered.

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