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Mysterious Amazon - it's a puzzlement

This was on the "recently added books" list this morning:

bookmooch THE PRAIRIE GRASS MURDERS: PATRICIA STOLTEY #baywoob1 #US #grdn #inv #chld #liter #entrtn #nfict #cook #god
17 guesses what it's about.

You are wrong. It is a run of the mill, more or less, murder mystery. OK, the story takes place in the U.S., but no gardens; what is "inv."? certainly not for children; Lierature -- maybe, it would be amatter of opinion; entertainment again a matter of tast; non fiction? no way!; no cooking or recipes; god is notably absent.

Perhaps someone can post a glossary of these silly "descriptions." And while you're at it, what on earth do "jew" & "shrt" signify on those lists

2 years ago


Sorry for the typos. I really know how to spell literature and taste, I just have a very old keyboard that omits letters, and I am a lousy typist
2 years ago
I suspect some second-hand resellers to stuff the keywords with everything in hopes to make their books spuriously show even for unrelated searches, pity we don't have access to Amazon's own subcategories instead as they tend to be somewhat more spot on.
2 years ago
I agree with you about the strange categories and I think the best thing is to totally ignore them. Infact as I said in my last comment I am going to totally ignore the whole of the 'Recently added books' which is such a shame as how else are we going to know what has been listed???
Kathy Arkwright
2 years ago
@Kathy. The 'recently added books' list can be useful if you click on a "vaguely interested in" book, then click through to the Amazon information and then read either the synopsis or reviews. It takes a little more effort, but is the only way I've found of actually using the 'recent' feed. I use it principally to find books listed in my country.
2 years ago
I have never noticed a 'vaguely interested in'????????? But will look out for that. Thank you.
Kathy Arkwright
2 years ago
@Kathy, I use the recent book feed to find titles that sound interesting as well as to find newbies to welcome to Bookmooch. If you see that one member is posting quite a few books in a row it is often the sign of a new member and it might be worth checking out their inventory. Also, if a book is posted that you have read before and enjoyed, that member may also be currently posting other books that you might like. I ignore the hashtags as being meaningless, other than a source of amusement at times.
2 years ago

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