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Journals currently available to mooch

Welcome to all Bookmooch Library friends, both new journallers and old friends.
If you are reading this and have not received an invitation to befriend the Bookmooch Journal Library (which is run as a charity, but is not in need of points, as those are accumulated from mooches requested, and used to gather in stalled or missing journals) please ask for one, or send your own friend invitation, as it makes an easy way for you and us to access each other's inventory.

The search for a new suitable free slideshow provider is on-going. We need to be able to add a link to the Wordpress Journal site at
as is closing in March. I have just finished downloading all the current slideshows and need to reload them elsewhere before March, so any suggestions will be most gratefully received and investigated. A slideshow with very limited usage is no good - there are 476 current slideshows and more waiting to be added!

Here is the current list of available journals as of 21.00 GMT Friday 2nd December 2011: (links are clickable)

Bookmooch Journal Library Charity
Bookmoochers : BMJournal Amazing mazes
Youth of BookMooch : BM Journal: Children's Voice
Janieokie1 and BookMoochers : BmJournal: Proverbs
Bookmoochers : BMJournal Antonio, tell us a story.
jfit and BookMoochers : BMjournal - A History Journal: Native Americans
Bookmoochers : BMJournal Nature will have her course
jfit and BookMoochers : BMjournal - Helping Miffy Dance
Bookmoochers : BMJournal Nature, time and patience are three great physicians
jfit and BookMoochers : BMjournal - One Spirit
Bookmoochers : BMJournal Thursday
jfit and BookMoochers : BMjournal: Word Play
Bookmoochers : BMJournal Wednesday.
Snofferol and the BookMoochers : The Little Book of Surprising Strangers BMJournal
Gill T. [BM1297431044673322568] Bookmoochers : BMJournal My favourite sight
Debi Hoggan [BM1215811371125371904] Other Bookmoocher Friends : BMJournal - IF I WERE A SUNBEAM OF LIFE
Gill T. [BM1288737327490187777] Bookmoochers : BMJournal Turn over a new leaf.
Kscha2017 [BM1296609202233465575] BookMooch Members : BMJournal: Stamping Satiety

Hannah and Bookmoochers : BMJournal: Alliterative Sentences
auburnkelly : BMjournal: A Little Game of Rhyme or Reason
jfit and BookMoochers : BMjournal - Check It Out!!

Med. & Africa:
BM Journalers : BM Journal "A Bookmooch Book about South Africa"
BM Journalers and Alicia : BMJournal: Q is for

Lala and Co. : BMJournal- Favorite Books

Gill T. and Bookmoochers : BMJournal Local Heroes.
Marina and Bookmoochers : BMJournal:The Purple Book of the Lady
Gill T. [BM1313352059269378408] Bookmoochers : BMJournal Gerard Hoffnung
BMJournalers : BMJournal Through A Glass, Alcohol
janieokie1 and book mooch : BMJournal: Illustrate that Word-Jinxed
Gill T. [BM1309017323460321062] Bookmoochers : BMJournal: Adoption

Grace Hall and BookMoochers : BMJournal: Great ideas and inventions

Caryn Kayser and Other Bookmoochers : BMJournal: Home Sweet Home
Bookmoochers : BMJournal February - Februeer doth cut and shear
Gill T. [BM1296237779652654282] Bookmoochers : BMJournal A nice cup of tea or two.

N. Europe:
Bookmoochers : BMJournal Another Rainbow

Bookmoochers : BMJournal Sweet and sour: (on your) Marks, get set, Cook!

Jan Wolf and other BookMoochers : BookMooch Journal - Return of the Goddess

Gill T. [BM1322513043220001575] Bookmooch Journallers : BMJournal Castles
BM Journalers and Alicia : BMJournal: E is for
Gill Tennant [BM1284588164175975994] Bookmoochers : BMJournal Beautiful butterflies
desultory and bookmoochers : BMJournal Gives Me Hope
Gill Tennant [BM1277036776447110344] Bookmoochers : BMJournal The book of water.
Janieokie1 [BM1311463319529464748] Bookmoochers : BMJournal:Mosaic
Gill T. [BM1321804605133012272] Bookmooch journallers : BMJournal The best days of your life
Gill T. [BM1321274967397182727] Bookmooch Journallers : Anything and everything 'Earthish': the World we live in
Gill T. [BM1322389750332225708] Bookmooch journallers : BMJournal Dance the night away
Gill T. [BM1321715171883750969] Bookmooch journallers : BMJournal Our favourite book-plates

Grace Hall
Bookmoochers : BMJournal 72 (and counting) things to do, with children, on a wet, windy day, Volume One.
Hannah and Bookmoochers : BMJournal: The Bookmooch Wedding Book
Bookmoochers : BMJournal Herbs, heavenly and hellish.
jfit and BookMoochers : BMjournal - My Own Dictionary

Alison F
Hannah and Bookmoochers : BMJournal: Postcards of Snowy Weather

Cathy Hogue [BM12911472087] the Bookmooch Journal-ers : BMJournal - Can’t see London, Can’t see France, Unless we see your Underpants- a tribute to the Transportation Security Administration

BookMoochers and aeris : BMJournal: Postcards of Lighthouses
Grace Hall and BookMoochers : BMJournal: Anything and Everything British
BookMoochers and aeris : BMJournal: The Little Chihuahua Book

Kelly M :-)
jfit and BookMoochers : BMjournal - Friends and Photos

Hannah and Bookmoochers : BMJournal: Eat Poop You Cat - Vol. 2

Laura James (UK) [BM1204123302440731458] the BookMooch Community : BMJournal: The Chocolate Box
BookMoochers and aeris : BMJournal: The Little Book of Fairies
BookMoochers and aeris : BMJournal: Funny Signs
jfit and BookMoochers : BMjournal - A Wine Journal
BookMoochers and aeris : BMJournal: The Little Book of My Favorite Flower Fairy
BookMoochers and aeris : BMJournal: Joke Postcards From Around the World
BookMoochers and aeris : BMJournal: Funny Signs
Hannah and Bookmoochers : BMJournal: Everything there is to love about chocolate!
prosegirl and other creative bookmoochers : BMJournal - Endangered Species
BMJournal and StacyM : BMJournal: Military Life
BookMoochers and aeris : BMJournal: Hello Kitty!
BookMoochers and aeris : BMJournal: Now You Live in Japan* or would like to...or at least like Japanese stuff a lot
BookMoochers and aeris : BMJournal: It's Not Easy Being Green *A BMJournal About Jim Henson's Muppets

jfit and BookMoochers : BMJournal: In Full Bloom

desultory and bookmoochers : BMJournal Your Favorite Internet Meme
jfit and BookMoochers : BMjournal - Anything and Everything American, Midwest Edition, Heartland of America
Hannah an Bookmoochers : BMJournal: It's such a perfect day
Debi Hoggan [BM1208306110294924519] Other Bookmoocher Friends : BMJournal - SAND CASTLES of LIFE
jfit and BookMoochers : BMjournal - Anything and Everything American, Eastern Edition. Yankee Doodle Dandy!
jfit and BookMoochers : bmjournal: A Hogworts Journal

jfit and BookMoochers : BMjournal - A History Journal: The Vikings

Jenny S.
Gill T. [BM1295604626450282551] Bookmoochers : BMJournal There's nothing funny about getting old.

Hannah and Bookmoochers : BMJournal: An amazing story written by international bookmoochers

BM Journalers [BM1230675520578625525] LJCrowe aka Joy Found : BMJournal: Itsy Bitsy Red Chinese Zodiac: The Year Of The Dragon

N. America
Jan Wolf
BookMoochers : BMJournal :Favorite Limericks
Gill T. [BM1297431369527773128] Bookmoochers : BMJournal My favourite sound

Gill T. [BM1292669769952422818] Bookmoochers : BMJournal Colours, that are but skin-deep: in the pink.

Bookmooch People : BMJournal: Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String!

Bookmooch Journal Library Charity
3 years ago

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