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Hannah and Bookmoochers : BMJournal: Everything there is to love about chocolate!

Author: Hannah and Bookmoochers
Title: BMJournal: Everything there is to love about chocolate!
Moochable copies: No copies available
Binding: Other binding
Pages: 0
Date: 2010-11
ISBN: BM129080765119787982
Previous givers:
Previous moochers:
Description: You have a great recipe involving chocolate? You want to share why you love chocolate? Something funny happened to you because of chocolate? You have an interesting favourite kind of chocolate? Any contribution regarding chocolate is welcome in this journal, whether it's texts, lists, poems, pictures or art!

The book itself is a small chocolate brown photo album. Please use no more than two photo sleeves for your entry (since there is a very limited amount of sleeves in the album) and don't alter anyone else's entry.

I suggest you relist this journal on your inventory immediately after marking it received (since you'll already be on Bookmooch anyway :)) – this will make the journal available as soon as possible for other moochers, and remind you to make an entry. Don't worry about time pressure – you can always tell a moocher that it will take you a little longer to send out their book.

When the album is full, please contact me (Hannah; BMID: hanhel), and I will mooch it back from you. If you are having trouble getting the book back out to someone, feel free to contact me as well, I will try to find a solution.

Reviews: tennantfamily (United Kingdom) (2010/11/28):
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Kar-bie (USA: LA) (2011/11/20):
Talking and reading about chocolate, what fun!

Bookmooch Journal Library Charity (Heard and Mc Donald Islands) (2012/05/28):
I was forced to open a bar of chocolate and cut the packet of another to complete my entry for this journal. What torture that was (haha!) Enjoy filling the journal as much as I did! I could have kept opening and filled more pages but there are only enough double pages left for about another 7 journallers and a slim one left! ;-)

bmjstates (USA: VA) (2014/03/20):

Bookmooch Journal Library Charity (Heard and Mc Donald Islands) (2014/03/30):
This is a BMJournal not a regular book. You should be a friend of the BM Library bmjl If you wish to join the project, type bmjl into the friend request block. A BMJournal is not yours to keep. You mooch it, make an entry within two weeks of receiving it and relist it by the same number. Before sending it on make sure the person requesting is also a friend of bmjl by checking their friend list for the logo.