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recent books and Twitter

As many of you have noticed, the "recent books" feature at BM isn't currently working.

The reason is that Twitter changed the way programs need to work with them, and I haven't rewritten the "recent books" feature to work with the new way Twitter does this.

The reason I haven't done this, is that I'm really, really fed up with Twitter, and would like to propose no longer using them for the "recent books" feature.

There are two reasons I'm annoyed with Twitter:

1) way back when the feature was programmed by me, you could search for #hash tags in the BM Twitter feed, which was really handy, because you could (for instance) do a search for "#scifi #uk" and instantly be notified when moochable scifi books were available in the UK. However, at some point Twitter stopped full text indexing the BM feed, so this stopped working.

2) Twitter would randomly put daily-posting-limits on our feed, so even though there were new books available, they rejected our tweets. Once, I got a human being in tech support, who removed the limit. That lasted about 2 years, then the limits came back, and no human being at Twitter replied to my inquiries.

So... I'm thinking of redoing the "recent books" feature to not use Twitter, but to either user a competitor or to use an open source program or for me to simply write something that does the job we need.

For example, there's StatusNet, which is open source and provides similar features:

Using Google+ is possible, but there seems to be a 500-per-day limit, which will bite us too.




Thanks, everyone, for your feedback. I had been thinking of doing it as an "RSS Feed" and that's likely what I'll do.

For nontechnical folks, you won't need to know about the underlying technology, because I'll be putting in a "live display", similar to the "preview" on this page:

but I'll also make it so that both the RSS feed, and the "live feed" display can take parameters such as the country and book genre that you're interested in.

John Buckman
1 year ago


Although, I have not joined the "smart phone" set, I sometimes have twitter running on the PC or Laptop and used to get the BM updates that way.

I would not be against the "StatusNet" thing. I would encourage it even. Competition is always good. At worse, people who are really interested would have to add another app on their smart phone. I'd say do it, and let's see how it goes.

Thanks again for everything you do John.

Hercules40 (a.k.a. PapaG)
1 year ago
I don't use twitter. I was fine with just going to the "recent books" page on this site because I'm always loitering on the internet.

It was a great feature-- being able to see a list of recently added books-- I got a lot of great stuff that way. I say, John, do whatever is easiest for you to get some kind of "recently added" feature back.

Thanks for all you do, John.

And, imo, you are perfectly justified in kicking Twitter to the curb.

Gretchen Ann
1 year ago
I rarely use Twitter, but am on this site almost daily. I like the recently added books and am good with the StatusNet thing. I am good with whatever you can do to make the recently added books feature accessible.

Thanks for all you do John.

1 year ago
I don't use twitter, did use recent books most every day and not only to look for new books but just to look, so do what is best for you and BM. sometimes I found a book I was looking for or a new author I never read before.
Judy Morse
1 year ago
We also do not use Twitter or facebook for that matter as we feel there is no need but we are on this site most days. We like the recently added books and are good with the StatusNet thing.we are good with whatever you can do to make the recently added books feature functional and easily accessible
Miss Daisy
1 year ago
I used the "recent" feed every day and never used Twitter.
How many new books are added on an average day? Surely that's the figure that should determine the platform used.
1 year ago
:( I used to have a good smartphone where I could use all different kinds of Android apps, but it was stolen when I was mugged in February. Now the only phone I have will load Twitter's web interface, not Facebook at all & most other sites have to have a decent mobile version compatible with Samsung Dolphin browser.

If this "new shiny thing" you're looking at *doesn't* have that, it'll be impossible and useless for me - and I use BM's feed regularly. Please be sure before you decide on stuff that it WILL WORK! (If you need testing help, I'm willing to.)

1 year ago
I prefer to use the Recent Books option on bookmooch over twitter.
1 year ago
I really miss the Recent Books option on Bookmooch. I found many books that I wouldn't have otherwise. I do not use twitter and probably never will. Thanks to you John for everything.
1 year ago
Don't use Twitter either.
1 year ago
Why not use RSS?
1 year ago
I would dig an rss feed for sure. Never used twitter, g+, or StatusNet (but I would support that option for being open, otherwise)
1 year ago
John, you do a terrific job and if twitter isn't working kick them to the curb. I agree with doing whatever you need to do to get the recent book section back. I really like it, am able to find some real gems there. Thanks for doing such a great job.
1 year ago
I agree that rss would be a good alternative, especially if there were separate feeds by country and/or genre. However, I subscribe to the rss feed for my wishlist and have not seen anything in it for about two weeks even though there have been plenty of books on my wishlist posted. So, there my be an issue there. It always worked before, even for books that have been mooched before I read the rss entry.
1 year ago
I accessed the Twitter feed via RSS. I set up a keyword search that the
RSS reader executed automatically so I could quickly see things of interest (as well as the full feed). Twitter then said they had done wonderful things. HAH!

I vote for RSS. Members can see it in their browser or with a stand-alone program.


Wayne C.
1 year ago
I think that everyone at Book Mooch is doing a great job. I do not use Twitter at all, but love the "Recently Added" book list feature through Book Mooch. I support whatever / however is easiest to incorporate this feature back. Thanks again for everything that Book Mooch does. This is literally my absolute favorite website.
1 year ago
I don't use twitter either and never will; don't have smart phones, Iphones or whatever any of those phones are and have no need for such phones;do want the recently added feature however you can put it back that works best for you and have no preference
1 year ago
I agree with most of above, you do a great job for what I'm sure isn't a whole lot of pay if any. I don't have a problem with any thing that is easiest for you. But whatever you do please don't give up on bookmooch. I have gotten a lot of books I wouldn't have other wise been able to afford and I also like recyclng books I don't need. If you go with the site that requires an app on an I phone, will it also be available on regular pc? I don't have all these fancy phones and being an older reader, I have no need to get one. Thanks for the great job you do.
1 year ago
Help, is there any way of getting just the book titles and authors without the photo of the covers, which usually don't give the least cue what the book is about.
1 year ago
Don't use Twitter except to access the journals recently listed, but many were omitted. As long as they will show up on your new site I'll be very happy.
1 year ago

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