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BookMarks and moochcards available in USA and Europe

I have boxes of BookMooch bookmarks and mooch cards available to all moochers in the USA or Europe. These are available for free to anyone who wants them, for the "price" of a mooch point.

BookMooch : Box of 500 BookMooch Bookmarks

1000 mooch cards (business card sized, fits in your wallet) - only one box in the USA, a few boxes still in the UK.
BookMooch : Box of 1000 BookMooch hand-out cards

and if you want a smaller quantity,

25 hand out cards:
BookMooch : Box of 25 BookMooch hand-out cards

Bookmarks : 25 Bookmooch Bookmarks

If you're in the USA, these will be sent from my house in California right away. If you mooch from the UK, I'll be sending them in mid-March. If you mooch from France, I'll send them in April (when I'll be there).

- john

John Buckman
1 year ago


Thanks John!
I like to do my little bit to help spread Book Mooch!
Stanley Olszyna
1 year ago
I still have quite a few bookmarks from my last box so I always include them in mooches. They are great for spreading Book Mooch around.
Thanks for all you (and the rest of the behind-the-scenes elves do!


1 year ago
I've been sending out cards for the past three years to every customer and contact from my small business. I've tried to mooch some more cards, but the account is inactive...
1 year ago
I got a box from you less than nine months ago and send one out with every book I send, either on here, my other trade sites and even books I sell. Almost out!!
4 months ago
I would like to blog with a group of Large Print Readers. They are so hard to find. And of course I would love to see more LP books on inventories. I find that all books listed on LP searches are NOT LP. Alas. Anybody got ideas?
Ann Hess
3 months, 21 days ago
i was looking around the bookmooch site to find out what fellow moochers are thinking with regard to bookmooch - can't help but wonder why i am finding the most recent comment in this forum to be at least three months old - is there some reason for this - perhaps the comments that moochers make don't mean anything, is the forum so incredibly boring (i noticed that there are quite a few comments/quite a bit of dialogue from '1 year ago')that no one wants to waste their time? i can't figure it out! i have a few suggestions/comments/discussion topics that i would love to share with those who are interested - not sure at this point if i have come to the right place - IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE ?
13 days ago
Eve, yes, there are still a few of us out there. BM seems to be just about ticking over, but postage rate increases are hardly to incite people to continue sending all over the globe.
13 days ago
Eve, try here Newbie Bookmoocher Thread or here BookMooch Discussion. There are a few of us still hanging in there;)
12 days ago

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