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Smooches received

2014/09/29 Thank you for requesting 2 books from me! Lisa Wenner (USA: PA)
2014/06/14 Returning a point for ordering multiple older technical books. Charlene (USA: WI)
2013/03/29 Thank you for the bonus books! Reader to Reader (USA: MA)
2011/10/06 sorry about the highlighting, normally I state that but I guess I forgot to check. muyilusionada (USA: MA)
2009/10/11 Jeff and Angela Wilson (USA: TX)
2009/09/07 Here's your smooch! Thanks! Thomas Nufer (USA: MI)
2009/02/08 here you go! will2-for (USA: CA)
2009/01/08 Thanks for mooching 3 for 2! Laurie (USA)
2008/11/13 Schez (USA: CA)
2008/08/12 Thank you for your patience! I hope you enjoy Pattern Recognition. Jen (USA: OH)
2008/07/05 Vagabond (USA: NY)
2008/07/01 Return 3 for 2 point dmr (USA: ID)
2008/06/25 Thanks for mooching my 2 for 1 special! Charlene (USA: WI)