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Thomas Nufer (3 for 2 US, Overseas MAYBE?) (USA: MI) : member bio

Name: Thomas Nufer (3 for 2 US, Overseas MAYBE?) (USA: MI)
Userid: kamakazitom

Inventory: 69
Points: 23.2
Mooched/given: 2368/1695
Pending mooch/give: 17/0
Mooch ratio: 1.23:1

Wishlist: 656
Feedback: +1689
Smooches: 303
Charitable gifts: 3
Charity received: 15
Friends: 21
Cancelled requests: 387
Books receiving lost: 26
Books sending lost: 20
Rejected requests: 44

Will send: only to my country
Joined: 2008/09/18
Last here: 11 hours ago
Country: United States

Books in inventory: 69

Status message:
PLEASE read!

I am running a 3 books for 2 points special. Mooch 3 books and I will smooch you back a point!

I am also interested in trading books for other stuff. Mostly video games and Star Trek stuff!

Please mooch ALL that you want!

If you are thinking about retiring and have a decent job , DON'T!

Money to mail is limited so mooches of more than one book will get preference on shipping! THANKS!

ALL BOOKS mooched are on their way!




I am SORRY but I can ONLY SEND to the USA!? Read on!
Unless you are willing to pay postage (Paypal) for a International Large Flat Rate Priority Envelope! I will send 3 for 2 paperback only to you then.

Postage cost are too expensive to send overseas and to CANADA now because I am a retiree with limited funds!

It costs about $25 for the envelope and postage! You can email me titles and smooch me the points 3 per book. It does take time to prepare and mail these out! Thanks!

Mooches are usually sent in a few days after being Mooched!


I am back to work again!
Life has thrown me another curveball!

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