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Thomas Nufer (USA: MI) : member bio

Name: Thomas Nufer (USA: MI)
Userid: kamakazitom

Inventory: 148
Points: 59
Mooched/given: 2261/1580
Pending mooch/give: 6/14
Mooch ratio: 1.23:1

Wishlist: 730
Feedback: +1575
Smooches: 302
Charitable gifts: 3
Charity received: 15
Friends: 25
Cancelled requests: 378
Books receiving lost: 20
Books sending lost: 20
Rejected requests: 43

Will send: only to my country
Joined: 2008/09/18
Last here: 2 hours ago
Country: United States

Books in inventory: 148

Status message:
Please mooch ALL that you want!

Mooch 3 and get a point back or mooch 10 and get 4 points back or mooch 20 and get 10 back!

If you are thinking about retiring and have a decent job , DON'T!

I have decided to do the 3 books for 2 points for a while until I clear some space around here! I will smooch you back your point after you have acknowledged receiving your books! THANKS!!!

Money to mail is limited so mooches of more than one book will get preference on shipping! THANKS!

ALL BOOKS mooched are on their way!




I am SORRY but I can ONLY SEND to the USA!

Postage cost are too expensive to send overseas and to CANADA now!

It costs about $9 to even send a paperback to CANADA!
Cheaper for you to buy it!

Mooches are usually sent in a few days after being Mooched!


My books are also listed on another site, so it's first come, first served! Hope you understand. So if you want a bunch of books get them all at once, saves me shipping costs and you have LESS chance of being disappointed! THANKS!

I am back to work again!
Life has thrown me another curveball!

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