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Cath Scott (United Kingdom) : member bio

Name: Cath Scott (United Kingdom)
Userid: cks01

Inventory: 327
Points: 17.9
Mooched/given: 1470/1383
Pending mooch/give: 2/2
Mooch ratio: 1.31:1

Wishlist: 2750
Feedback: +1381
Smooches: 54
Charitable gifts: 24
Charity received: 21
Friends: 12
Cancelled requests: 198
Books receiving lost: 39
Books sending lost: 21
Rejected requests: 50

Will send: worldwide
Joined: 2008/07/07
Last here: 4 days ago
Country: United Kingdom

Books in inventory: 327

Status message:
September 2014
I am happy to send worldwide as long as the book weighs less than 500 grams which costs £5. Above that it starts to get expensive. If you mooch an extra small book to compensate I may be able to send. Ask me! :)

September 2013
I have listed a few heavy cookbooks / gardening books for UK moochers only. I am happy to send these as long as they are mooched alongside 2 smaller books or, if you'd prefer, a donation of a couple of extra points. This is mentioned in the condition notes. If you are interested in any of my cookbooks or gardening books and these notes are not apparent, please check with me first to make sure I can send the books to you. Thanks.

The prices of postage and fuel are rising in the UK so to help keep costs to a minimum I would be grateful if moochers could group their requests into one single mooch if they know they would like more than one book from me. In addition, for UK moochers, I may ask you to mooch a second book if your first choice has to be sent as a packet to help cover the high cost of packet post. Feel free to mooch as many books as you want - I'm always trying to reclaim space in my study :)

I am offering 2 for 1 on all small slim paperbacks (eg. Harlequin) and magazines in a bid to clear space. I will return points promptly.

We subscribe to the Economist magazine so if you would like to mooch the most recent copies just ask and I will list them for you to mooch. I don't always have the time to list them regularly :( Don't forget they are two for one.

Je cherche des romans faciles et des magazines - cuisine/magasin/jardinage/puzzles & jeux tres faciles - pour les etudiantes dans ma classe de francais. Si vous avez quelquechose de convenable, faites-le moi savoir. Merci!

Busco novelas faciles y revistas - cocina/casa/jardin/rompecabezas faciles - para las estudiantes en mis clases de espanol. Si tienes algo de interes, por favor, dimelo. Gracias!

I am trying to teach myself German which I find incredibly difficult. If anyone has any really really easy reading material in German then please let me know! Danke.

We are collecting stamps for a horse charity (guess whose idea this was!) so we would be very grateful for any stamps, particularly from overseas. Thank you!

I am a French and Spanish teacher and a huge bookworm! I love to read in different languages. I'm very grateful to overseas moochers who can send me foreign language books as it's a great way to increase vocabulary!

I have to stick to a budget for Bookmooch postage so I will send overseas books by the cheapest means possible and may have to restrict sending books out internationally from time to time. However, if you are desperate for something in my inventory then just ask! My books are usually in pretty good shape but if you need a particularly good copy then check first to make sure it's right for you.

My children are big readers too: my teenage son loves to read historical/fantasy sagas and my pony-mad daughter adores anything to do with horses.

We are a non-smoking, pet-free home.