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Forum: Recommendations Wanted

Looking for recommendations for Humor Books?

Hi bookmoochers,

I run a free lending library for English speakers in Jerusalem. We're pretty new so at the moment I'm getting books in response to reader demand, but I was looking at our humor section and it looks a little small - just 4 Snoopy books and "Playing the Moldovans at Tennis" by Tony Hawks!

So I was wondering if anyone could give me recommendations for good humor books? I'm thinking more funny writing than cartoons, though that might also be useful.

We've had requests for Bill Brysons, but they're really hard to find on BM and expensive to buy, so we haven't any yet. We also have one Tony Hawks book, and I'm hoping to try and get his other one, "Round Ireland with a Fridge", at some point. Other than that, I have no idea.

Any suggestions for authors/books to try gratefully received!



4 years ago


I find Elinor Lipman & Robert Crais funny.
4 years ago
Thanks both of you, I'll check those out!
4 years ago
John Kennedy Toole wrote A Confederacy of Dunces. Check it out.
4 years ago
I would recommend Douglas Adams, there seem to be a few about...
4 years ago
Dave Barry books are hilarious! Also, Erma Bombeck (now deceased) wrote a number of vlery humerous books about home life and raising kids. I find Margaret Maron's mystery series about Judge Deborah Knott in North Carolina humerous, altho being from the US South may be the reason. They are good mysteries, tho. ("Bootlegger's Daughter" is the first in the series.) A new American novel, "Stay" by Allie Larkin is very funny, as the main character, drunk after seeing the love of her life marry her best friend, orders a dog on the internet to be her "new best friend" and receives a huge black dog in two days - Joe.
Cheryl Fox
4 years ago
Molly Ivins if you like (liberal) political humor or PJ Rourke for (conservative) political humor. Tim Allen has written a book or two. I have several Dave Barry's on my list, I think. Bill Bryson doesn't have an s on the end of his name, so you want to be sure you're spelling it right. (although that may have just been a plural. :-) )

Mark Twain is classic-look for his essays. Isaac Asimov wrote a number of Science Fiction themed "shaggy dog" stories...mostly found in his short works. Russell Baker, Oscar Wilde, .

Tim Cahill is trying to become the next Bill Bryson. I don't think he's as funny, but he does well, so some people must like him.

James Thurber is an icon of American Humor, and one of my favorites.

More currently, Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart both have several books out. David Sedaris is a kind of sharp, painful humor.

Also, a lot of "humor" books are more readily classified as "cartoon" the cartoon collections from the New Yorker, or by specific artists like Wiley, Gahan Wilson, Doonesbury, Berke Breathed.

Good Luck and happy hunting!

4 years ago
I guess this is an older question, but I'm new to this forum. Thought I'd pipe in with who I sort of consider a Canadian Bill Bryson: Will Ferguson. He has written a couple of humourous travelogues (Beyond Belfast, Hitching Rides with Buddha), though he has more than just those two. I'm not sure what/how many of his book are available here, but you could check into it.
Cindy W
3 years ago
Thanks Cindy, I'm adding him to my wishlist, as well!
3 years ago
Anything by Calvin Trillin, especially when he's writing about food: American Fried; Alice, Let's Eat; Third Helpings (collectively known as The Tummy Trilogy; Travels with Alice; Feeding a Yen. Or there's his novel about the New Yorker who finds the perfect parking place, Tepper Isn't Going Out. Also lots of books of funny political commentary and politically inclined poetry, which he writes as the Deadline Poet..
Margaret H.
3 years ago
Hi! JPod by Douglas Coupland is quite amusing :)
3 years ago
Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic series is hillarious
3 years ago
If you're still looking I'd thoroughly recommend anything by 'Alexander McCall Smith'. It's fairly gentle humour but personally I find it hilarious, particularly the 44 Scotland Street Books.
Grace Hall
3 years ago
Bill Bryson
3 years ago
David sedaris - he writes essays about his life, current and past, always funny, but in a dry and sarcastic manner. His stuff is what I would call dark humor. There are certain themes in his writing that are not appropriate for everyone, so check out his first books before mooching.
3 years ago
Stephen Leacock; Alexamder Woolcott; Cornelia Otis Skinner; Lemony Snickett; Sue Welfare
3 years ago
shopaholic series by Sophie kinsella.
3 years ago
Hi Tsipporah -- that was my mom's name! I completely agree about Bill Bryson, Calvin Trillin, David Sedaris. They are all very funny and also intelligent. I would add Dave Barry, Jerry Seinfeld, David M. Bader (Haikus for Jews), and Douglas Adams.

Regards -- Judy

3 years ago
"Three men in a boat" by Jerome K. Jerome is very funny, as are all his books.
2 years ago

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