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Magazines and periodicals on BM

After joining BM, I was surprised to see magazines and periodicals listed on BM; for me they weren't books in the true sense. A friend gently pointed out that many specialist magazines cost more than a paperback. I suppose there is also the case that one might not want to subscribe to a periodical just to obtain one issue, and that even if one did, subscription rates are often high, especially if the magazine is published overseas.

This forum, therefore for some discussion on listing magazines and periodicals on BM.

I'd also like to see BM members adding their own magazine wishlist to this forum. Who knows, someone out there might have the item you're looking for an be prepared to trade it for some points!


4 years ago


Structure: I suggest each periodical be given a separate message.
4 years ago
Just a word of warning - many thin looking magazines turn out to be as heavy as an average paperback, so it can cost as much to mail as the magazine cost new! However, when searching for back issues this is probably not an I think it's worth allowing them to be inventoried.
lin chiswell
4 years ago
Another caution - US Media Mail cannot be used if the item contains advertising, which most magazines do. So magazines must usually be sent First Class Mail (multiple magazines may be cheaper to send Priority Mail, etc).
4 years ago

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