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Moving Country - mooch away!

I am moving country so if you mooch my books away I am very pleased. Half are Finnish and half are not!

I think that a system where we can mooch away when someone moves country and as a favor we would mooch in our new country would be good. (So I would still have the same number, just different ones!

As Finnish books are not so useful in Austria and I am sure some people like students are moving away from Austria where I am going.

I am quite happy to do that kind of deal so that when moving we don't have to throw away all of the books we have had moochable that no-one wants to mooch right away.

I have about 20 on my mooch away list that are on others Wishlist - but they don't have the points or inclination to mooch them right now.

Well anyhow feel free to mooch from me and save my travel difficulties.

markus petz
3 years ago

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