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French customs - great readers in English!

Yet another book received today that had been checked by French postal import/customs. Are they worried I'm smuggling something - books, perhaps? Or are they great readers of English novels and don't know how to join BM ;-)

4 years ago


Oh Jacquie I wondered that myself, they all seem to come with the French customs sticker now.
4 years ago
Predictably, strike action here in France is leading to delays in the mail, with things generally seeming to take a day or two longer than usual at present. It seems to depend on where you live. My post office isn't on strike, but as there's no diesel fuel to be had for miles around, I've no idea how for long they're going to be able to keep delivering and therefore collecting our mail!
If you're sending into France, don't be surprised if moochers take a little longer to acknowledge. If you're waiting for a book from France, then it too may be held up, although for the time being overseas mail seems to be receiving priority treatment.
Domestic mail seems to be slowing, but as usual, the tax forms are coming through on time ;-)
4 years ago
Still more delays on packages coming into France. I've just received one from the UK that's taken at least three weeks - can't see exact date posted, as it's covered by the French customs labels.
If you're waiting for acknowledgement of a book sent into France, please be patient, things are very slow at the moment.
4 years ago

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