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Wish list feature

I'd be happy to see a new feature that would let me navigate faster through my increasingly gigantic wish list - maybe an alphabet at the top of the page that would let me click on, say, M and be taken to the page of books whose authors' last names start with M. Or page numbers, so I could guess that authors starting with M would be about page 15 and be taken there directly, instead of having to page through my whole wish list. Or is there already some way to do this and I just haven't seen it yet?

Margaret H.
3 years ago


Yes please to this!
3 years ago
If you click on author on your Wish List it will resort it alphabetically by author last name. Which then makes it pretty easy to find the author you want to edit.
3 years ago
@msright - yes, but you still have to trawl, next page by next page, though the list. It would be nice to be able to jump, for example, to all the authors beginning with M.
3 years ago
I would love that! i tried to weed out my wishlist and only have a few books i really wanted now and put the rest on save-for-late.... that turned into 127 wishes and 44 i don't need now... hmmm. it's pages long... and there isn't even a "go to last page" link.
Jex Adox
3 years ago
You can also select the upper end numbers of books to show on one page, like 1000 or 2000, which should be enough to display most lists entirely. Your own lists at least, as I don't think the setting ports over when browsing other peoples'.

May require your PC and net access not be too flaky so opening it doesn't cause a grinding slowdown on larger amounts of wishlisted items, but saves the need to navigate between too many different screens.

3 years ago
Thanks Aude -
I didn't realize I could do that. I've set it to 50 per page, and the cruising through the list goes much faster. Maybe tomorrow I'll go wild and set it to 100 pr page - oooh!
Margaret H.
3 years ago

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