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The Best way to keep track of books on wishlist

In all my time on Bookmooch, i've had problems with Bookmooch's way of handling titles. If you add a specific edition of a book, it can happen that other versions of those books don't appear as moochable, even if it's basically the same book (just another version).

Now, I found a way around that. I imported my entire wishlist into Librarything and then set one of my columns there to show which of those books are available on Bookmooch. All of a sudden I found out that quite a lot of books that have been on my wishlist for years are actually available. Contrary to BookMooch, Librarything doesn't make any distinction between language (which is annoying), but also not between editions. You get to see all the versions that are available to mooch!

People with a Librarything-account should try it. For me, it was a reason to not longer update my wishlist on Bookmooch. I keep everything up-to-date on Librarything now.

2 years ago


Did you have your "show related editions" turned on?
2 years ago
Just now I was able to get two Joan Hess books just by requesting them when the same books have been on my wish list for months....what is up with that? How do the wish list work anyway...and how come I get notified about all the obscure books I really don't want that much, but do not get a note about Joan Hess?
2 years ago
Did you have a red "mooch" signal on your wishlist page for them?
2 years ago
do you have "related editions" turned on?
2 years ago
This sounds like a good idea, how did you set up the columns? I see a "Swaps" column (which lists availability across a dozen different sites) but no option for just BookMooch availability.
2 years ago
yes, having "related editions" turned on on your wishlist does help, but I have noticed that it is not perfect, and some "related editions" might not show for some reason, so if you really want any edition it is a good idea to do a search (such as with the amazon search on the browse page) and list all the related editions (especially those with isbn numbers) that show up for that book. The only catch is, if you do mooch one of those editions, you have to remember to go back and delete the other editions or you might mooch something twice :) !
Melanie C.
2 years ago

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