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Tombleweed (Belgium) : member bio

Name: Tombleweed (Belgium)
Userid: tombleweed
(I give a little)

Inventory: 0
Points: 8.8
Mooched/given: 95/76
Pending mooch/give: 0/0
Mooch ratio: 1.27:1

Wishlist: 489
Feedback: +76
Smooches: 8
Friends: 9
Cancelled requests: 9
Books sending lost: 2

Will send: ask if not to my country
Joined: 2008/08/01
Last here: 105 days ago
(possibly inactive)
Country: Belgium

Books in inventory: 0

Status message:
I recently've found out that mooching is costing me more money than it used to, mostly because I send heavy books out of Europe. Since my finances aren't that big, from now I will only mooch my books to people in Europe. IF you live outside of Europe, try to find a European Angel moocher. I really wish I could keep on doing this, but it just costs too much.

Home page:

I live together with my girlfriend, who has glasses which she uses to see. I don't need glasses.
I've got a relax chair in which i can read. Books is what i buy, next to cds. I buy food also.

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angel_requests_2010_may, bookmooch_blog, discussion.

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angel_requests_2010_may, bookmooch_blog, discussion.