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Guide to the Perplexed - 2nd round

OK, I exported my inventory, but it still seems to be open. Also, how do I re-import, or whatever to get back to normal? I can't put my account on vacation because I am still receiving books. They will arrive at my office and the people there will notify me, so that I can acknowledge receipt. Or I may be able to give someone there my password and they will sent the notification.
I would be most grateful for advice. Thank you.
Nina Bryna

2 years ago


Thanks. I see the "empty your inventory", but I am afraid that if I hit it, that, in the words of Lady Macbeth, "what's done cannot be undone" (forgive me, I think in qutations). How do I put the list back into the inventory without having to retype 125 books (I do have a clean printout of the list).
2 years ago
You use the bulk add feature and direct Bookmooch to read your inventory export list that you made. It will find all the ISBN's and then create a list that you can check before it enters them into your inventory.
2 years ago

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