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Looking for a Courtroom Drama

Hi there,

Can anyone recommend to me a good courtroom drama style book? I've read a couple n the past (John Grisham mainly, I think it was the Runaway Juror, whichever was about a fight against a tobacco company.)

Can anyone recommend any good reads of that ilk?

Rob Sharp - Close-Up Magician

2 years ago


Here's an older book, a favorite of mine, but it looks like there are no copies in the system :( :

Robert Traver : Anatomy of a Murder

Renting a dvd of 12 Angry Men will sometimes hit the spot :) .

Melanie C.
2 years ago
Kate Wilhelm has written several great trial suspense novels featuring her character Barbara Holloway. I have at least one of hers in my inventory.
Linda Williams
2 years ago

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