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Have points will mooch

Anyone have books in their inventory that they are surprised no one mooched yet? Anything you want to recommend? Romance is probably the only thing I don't really read.

3 years ago


I'm surprised that no one has mooched Helen Prejean : Dead Man Walking (Vintage) yet, since it's in good condition and is on three wish lists. It's been on my inventory since November.

Perhaps it's because I'm in Canada, so it would take three points instead of one to mooch it.

3 years ago
We used to have that thread going often in the old forum: "Books I'm surprised haven't been mooched yet". It always led to quite a few extra books mooched or wishlists expanded;)
3 years ago
Hi Lynn:

I've replied "Yes" to your "Ask First", just in case the message gets tied up in a spam filter.

3 years ago
Well, I can tell you there are about 40 copies of A Painted House in the that's probably why that one hasn't been taken. Can't speak to the others.


3 years ago
I have absolutely no romances as such (there is occasionally an love interest in many thrillers, but not the main issue). I shun Mills & Boone and Harlequin like the plague. I do have some unusual books that I have read so often I know them by heart. Why don't you have a look at my inventory. I do say "ask me first" but I almost always say OK. I also immediately reply to email inquiries about book contents.
Happy reading.
2 years ago

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