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A New Puzzle

Your Task: Peruse the clues below. You need to submit an additional clue that corresponds with these ten clues. You may submit clue #11 or another clue of your choice. Please note that clues #32, #50, #54, etc…will not be accepted. The winner will be chosen randomly from the successful entries. The winner will receive ten bookmooch points. The contest will end on October 23rd. Good luck.

Clue #1: Twelve hippos eat. Tiny owls whistle early rhymes. Thin red eagles and sparrows use rusty erasers.

Clue #2: Turkeys howl energetically. Mary is singing songs in nice gardens. Cold hens use muddy shoes.

Clue #3: Tom hops excitedly. Tim only watches early ravens. Tammy rarely eats apples sitting under red elevators.

Clue #4: Harry unties new ties inside new gutters. Fred orders rutabaga. Hank is dutifully dividing extra nickels. Glowing ostriches lie down.

Clue #5: Take heed everyone. Giant rabbits eat awesome tomatoes. Ants in rubber pants orbit round telescopes. Manny yodels seriously toward each red yak.

Clue #6: Two hens evacuate. Harvey only uses soft easels. Owls nibble. Thomas has everything. Cats lick icky fluffy flamingos.

Clue #7: Turkeys hop everywhere. Some hawks on rocks eat. Really old aardvarks dance. Maybe you should try eating raspberry yogurt.

Clue #8: Hogs under nests twirl into nesting geese. Fred’s orangutans rebel. Happy iguanas don’t dance every night. Good old llamas dance.

Clue #9: Twisted helicopters elevate. Some elevating choppers really elevate telepathically. Orioles flap. Toads have eggs. Orange leopards dig. Magical invisible lions levitate.

Clue #10: Howard usually nibbles tiny inflatable nesting geese. Fred objectifies radiators. Howard is dizzily destroying edible nutrients. Giraffes on leaves demonstrate.

4 years ago


Lucky 13: Troubled heads exist. Sometimes eating cannabis renders everyone tipsy. Octopi fly. Their heads explode. Crazy-ass visions enter skulls.
Rebel Sun
4 years ago
Clue #29: Teenagers hoard earwax. Some environmentalists curse rusty ermine traps. Ostriches flirt. Thorns hurt elephants. Chipmunks are very energetic singers.
4 years ago
#17 Terror hinders expression. See everyone create respectable entertaining thoughts. We are really not increasing near greatness.

4 years ago
#23 They had eloped. My enormous lingering trouble echoed dimly. Chase oblivious inky needles.
4 years ago
Clue 27: Turn hairballs east. Save elephants crossing roads even today. One farts. Supine killers unwind like labyrinths. Malted orangutans usurp nine tenets and insurgents nod.
4 years ago
#64: Trendy hunters etch. Sharks envy creepy raccoons eating truffles. Oxen flail. Timmy hugs escalators. Offend lewd dragon. Manic itching lampreys lisp.
4 years ago
#32 - I'm not eloquently loquacious...I guess I'd best lightly elucidate.
Rebel enthusiastically salutes Peter's offering 'n says, "Excellent!"
Rebel Sun
4 years ago
#11 -For one ought to play right in the stream. Unless nobody dares escape rightfully.There's haughty evil... within its new days over wrought.
4 years ago
#16 Ahoy! Four indigo goats unleashed random excitement. Invading nymphomaniacs! Happy iambic doublets inspired nervous groupies.
Lola Soleil
4 years ago
Clue #28: Tiny hairballs excite. Super insane gorgons navigate. Ordained faeries. Truculent hillbillies entice. Cowardly ravens ogle over knightly excited daredevils. Alas, rowdy revelers often wither.
4 years ago
Update (October 1st): I've had fun reading your clues. There have been nine entries submitted so far and I think three entries are correct. Please feel free to submit another attempt if you find that your first entry is incorrect. There are about three weeks left in the big contest....
4 years ago
Clue #11: Wendy has impressive library etiquette. Tom has education. Connie lately observed crested kingfishers. Tad is creating kitschy edible decorations.
4 years ago
#24 Sunshine halos outlined rusted trailers. Whimsical accoutrements vibrated expectantly. Mystical yogis stretched thoughtfully eventuating random yawning.
Jenni Canuck
4 years ago
Disregard my previous entry.

15. Tarantulas horrify elephants. Sanguine electors cross reference early tabulations. Optometrists focus. The heralds exclaim. Octogenarians laugh diabolically. Masticating indigestible lemurs lacerates.

4 years ago

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