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Keynote Speech at Open Rights Group conference in Manchester, UK

A few days ago, I gave the keynote at a conference in Manchester, UK held by the Open Rights Group.

The slides can be viewed and downloaded as a PDF from here.

The title is "Britain under the thumb of...", and I talk about how the USA, EU and Britain itself effect issues such as privacy and piracy in the UK. I also compare the different ways in with the Open Rights Group (UK) and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (USA -- I'm the chairman of the board) differ in their approaches, with some opinions about how each government works differently.

John Buckman
2 years ago


I was having difficulty following this John, as your mike is rather poor (perhaps too close to your mouth) so I turned on the automatic subtitles. That put an end to my listening as they were so inaccurate and so very funny, you really need to watch it through full screen with the subtitles enabled. I think it will make you clearer in your diction in future. I will listen again without them and read the pdf, but one inaccuracy is "Everyone in the UK now knows about 'The Pirate Bay'" I didn't but thanks for the heads-up! :-)
By the way this post should be credited to tennantfamily UK but unfortunately my computer often overrides my selection and credits to the charity I run. If so, apologies.
2 years ago
Difficult to understand, I need to concentrate too much to make sense of a poor recording, and the slides were too far away from the camera to be of much use.
However, the subtitles are SO entertaining. The transcriber cannot be someone who speaks/writes English as either his/her first or second language.
2 years ago

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