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BM health - recent statistics

Are there any BM statistics more recent than July 2011?

3 years ago


'fraid not. You can check the members by country list to get a fairly accurate sense of current members (Canada down to under 550 from a high of over 1100 a couple of years ago). The forums are pretty quiet, and the recent feed doesn't move terribly fast, but there is very little way of telling how many active members are actively mooching, as far as I can tell.
3 years ago
It would be nice if BM statistics were updated regularly so we could see how many books are available and an indication of mooching activity.
Fewer active members, thanks to the inactive accounts cleanup project should mean more real BM activity.
If statistics used to be produced regularly, shouldn't techies be looking at what stopped this happening?
3 years ago
You can look at the more "raw" data, from the customized statistics view and choose CSV export.

You do get a sense of numbers declining.

3 years ago

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