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Tony Geudens (Belgium) : member bio

Name: Tony Geudens (Belgium) (on vacation)
Userid: tgeudens

Inventory: 0
Points: 35.5
Mooched/given: 12/23
Pending mooch/give: 0/0
Mooch ratio: 0.65:1

Wishlist: 127
Feedback: +23
Smooches: 2
Cancelled requests: 1
Books sending lost: 1
Rejected requests: 2

Will send: ask if not to my country
Joined: 2008/01/15
Last here: 25 days ago
Country: Belgium

Books in inventory: 0

Status message:
I am abroad a lot for my work - but usually not more than a few days - so give me a few days to respond to your requests - thanx a million.

Home page:

Hello, I love reading (and writing) in different languages (to keep up with them): English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese - even though my native tongue is Dutch (so you can contact me in those languages ;-)

Special interest in LGBT litterature. I prefer to send only in Europe (as my first sendout to the USA cost me € 9 - over 12 $ - a bit much) - therefore just ask me.