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Smooches received

2010/08/16 Hi! I wanted to cut down on the number of BkM points I have so I thought I'd share with some of my friends - enjoy! KathyB (USA: TX)
2009/08/17 sacredgrapes (United Kingdom)
2009/08/17 sacredgrapes (United Kingdom)
2009/08/17 thanks very much for sending the book sacredgrapes (United Kingdom)
2009/04/24 Thank you For being my Angel!!!! Mary Spurgeon (USA: GA)
2008/09/19 You rock Rita!!!
I can't wait to read these and of course pass them on here :)
Erin C (USA: NY)
2008/09/04 Drive-by Smooch! anonymous
2008/08/29 A big smooch for Breaking Dawn MissMac (United Kingdom)
2008/07/19 My friend is enjoying so much the books she's getting form all over. Thanks again for sending to her. VeraMarie (USA)
2008/07/18 Thanks for recommending and sending The Handmaid's Tale to me. It looks wonderful and I can't wait to read it. A big smooch for what I'm sure will be a great book!
Beth (USA: MA)
2008/06/29 x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0xx0 CheriePie (USA: CA)
2008/06/29 huh? another kiss? sheesh, this girl must love me! :P CheriePie (USA: CA)
2008/06/29 ho hum... can't send more than one! CheriePie (USA: CA)
2008/06/24 Sunlightbub (United Kingdom)
2008/06/24 Sunlightbub (United Kingdom)
2008/06/24 Sunlightbub (United Kingdom)
2008/06/11 and the second. I hope you like the surprise. I'll give you a hint about the writer. His first book (the one I'm sending to you) is not so well-known. But a few of his later ones were quite popular, even a couple movies based on his novels. chris (Japan)
2008/06/11 Here's the first. . . chris (Japan)
2008/06/02 Thanks for sending J-Pod :) SKingList (USA: NY)
2008/05/30 Thank you so much for sending Rita! Here's a smooch :) Jemmm (Philippines)
2008/05/23 thanks for updating BookCrossing :) Suzi (USA: CA)
2008/04/30 1 point as agreed =D Mosskat (United Kingdom)
2008/04/09 Rita, Your post remeinded me I was going to send you this because I was able to send three books in one envelope. Not much, but I hope it helps.


Lisa Curcio (USA: IL)
2008/04/09 Cheer up - have a smooch! anonymous
2008/02/25 Thanks for sending these big books so quickly! Sophie Houston (United Kingdom)