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QCPL - Pasong Tamo (Philippines) : member bio

Name: QCPL - Pasong Tamo (Philippines) (a BookMooch Charity)
Userid: qcpubliclibrary

Inventory: 0
Points: 2353.5
Mooched/given: 2592/0
Pending mooch/give: 22/0

Wishlist: 1058
Feedback: +0
Smooches: 57
Charitable gifts: 6
Charity received: 631
Friends: 61
Cancelled requests: 307
Books receiving lost: 80

Will send: worldwide
Joined: 2008/04/09
Last here: 632 days ago
(possibly inactive)
Country: Philippines

Books in inventory: 0

Status message:

We now have a lot of BookMooch points and for that, we thank you, dear BookMoochers. We still need to spend all of these points, so if we may suggest, please direct all future point donations to other BM Charities for now. We really appreciate your help, but right now, we still have more than we can use.

Also, due to some recent changes at our post office, we need to pay taxes on the books we receive. When books are sent to us with any dollar (or other) value declared on the customs form, we are required to pay tax. Only the books marked as "GIFTS" or "NO MONETARY VALUE" are not taxed. However, just like it has always been, we still pay a customs fee for every package of books (PhP 40 per package). And right now, money is a little tight, and the payment of PhP 40 plus tax is a bit difficult. All books/packages mailed to us need to be picked up at the post office. They are not delivered to us. And when we pick them up we need to pay a customs fee per package. And for some packages of books, we are required to pay tax.

So, now we will need to limit our international mooches until we can afford to start mooching regularly again. Hopefully, it will be sooner rather than later.

If you have sent us an email and we haven't replied within a week, please do not hesitate to re-send your message. Thank you everyone for your charitable gifts, books, and email messages!

- Patti & QCPL

Please do not send us books with dark yellow/browning pages, foxing (spots), musty smell, or broken spines. If we mooch a book that is in less than very good condition, please let us know and we can cancel. Any book received that is very worn won't be of any use to us. Thank you.

International Senders: When sending us books, please declare them as GIFTS and USED BOOKS. In the customs declaration form please do not put any monetary value. Anything with dollar signs $$$ (or its equivalent) declared will result in our paying a huge amount of tax for it. A note included inside the package that states that the books are gifts for the recipient and have no value will ensure that we are not charged unfairly at the customs department of the post office.

If the package doesn't need a customs declaration form, then please don't use one anymore. Thank you!

Local Senders: If we mooch books from you, please understand that we cannot meet up with you to claim the books. That is what the 1 point per book is for---for postage. If you think sending the books to us will cost too much, just let us know and we can cancel our request/s. If you can send, you may mail it via courier (safer choice) or post office. Please send the books to the address on the BookMooch email/pending page. If you would like to hand-deliver the books, please deliver them to the address listed and not directly to the library to avoid confusion (your books might get mixed with the other donation boxes and I might have to mark your books as 'lost' in this case).

Thank you!


The QCPL - Pasong Tamo opened in April 23, 2004 in Veterans Village, Barangay Pasong Tamo. The library encourages readers of all ages to enter and read to their hearts' content. The Quezon City Public Library's role in the community is to promote community development and to support the continuous education of the residents of Quezon City. All of the library's readers live in the surrounding neighborhoods of Barangay Pasong Tamo, Barangay Holy Spirit, Barangay Balara, and Barangay Luzon.

The books you give us will be read by so many people so we hope these books that you send us will be sturdy enough to withstand the many readings and re-readings of the community.

Books needed:

  • Reference Books - Philippine History, World History, Science, Art, Literature, Information and Technology, Sports, Culture, Filipiniana, and Medicine (also Health and Herbal books)
  • Dictionaries (especially English-Tagalog), Thesauri, Almanacs
  • Children's books - storybooks in English, Tagalog, or English-Tagalog, board books, spelling books, alphabet and counting books
  • Young Adult/Teen books - Newbery Medal or Honor books, popular teen books
  • General Fiction - mainstream, drama, thriller, mystery, romance, fantasy/sci-fi, chick-lit
  • Cookbooks - cooking on a budget, simple recipes
  • Medical and Health books
  • Books on Computers, Information Technology, Web Design, New Media, Art, Design
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Magazines - recent editions of Good Housekeeping, National Geographic, Readers Digest, Smart Parenting, Men's Health, Star Teacher, Candy, Seventeen, W.I.T.C.H., Yes!, Yummy, etc