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Inventory plugs : Need points? Or just want others to peek into inventory? Post it here!

Deals going on books

Would love to send off a bunch of books this week =) deals going on shelf 5 for 3 in the USA. ** Lots of Romance ** Take a peak - I'll add more as some of these clear off the shelves - Thanks for looking!

1 year ago
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Lots of Books Need New - Loving Home


I have been unable to do a lot here these last few months as I was getting my dad settled in, but I am back now and really need to send some of these books off to a new home - lots of "only copy available' mostly romance right now but still adding more. So check back often =)

Also there are deals available for everyone - see my profile page for details.

Can't wait to get back to Mooching with all of you!


2 years ago
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Memorial Day Weekend Sale

All Series romance (the thin romance books only) books on sale this weekend! Good only on books mooched Friday 5/26/11 thru Monday 5/30/11.

USA Moochers:

12 books for 4 credits
18 books for 5 credits

Everywhere else in the world:

Mooch 6 (must fit in priority envelope) and I will smooch you back 8 points!

Please put MDW or Memorial day sale in comments. Thanks and Happy Hunting!

3 years ago

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Stop by and look at Newbie's shelf please

So my friend joined some time back and doesn't have a lot of books on her shelf but has only ever had 1 request ever =( so I thought I'd help and ask everyone to take a peek at her shelf and see if there is anything there you might like =)



3 years ago

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Thinning our home libray

Needing to clean out a room full of books to make room for my elderly father who is coming to live. I added about 150 romance books yesterday and will add a lot more next week. Please take a look and feel free to mooch a lot. I have boxes ready for packaging =) Hope everyone has a good weekend!

4 years ago
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