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Deidre (USA: MO) : member bio

Name: Deidre (USA: MO)
Userid: babygal6801
(I give a little)

Inventory: 10
Points: 1.1
Mooched/given: 1905/1016
Pending mooch/give: 0/1
Mooch ratio: 1.20:1

Wishlist: 10106
Feedback: +1010
Smooches: 69
Charitable gifts: 1
Charity received: 17
Friends: 244
Cancelled requests: 137
Books receiving lost: 52
Books sending lost: 13
Rejected requests: 17

Will send: worldwide
Joined: 2007/09/25
Last here: 8 days ago
Country: United States

Books in inventory: 10

Status message:

All mass market paperbacks books in the USA (anywhere MEDIA MAIL goes AK, HI, Military, Ect ) are 3 for 2 (mooch 3 - I smooch you 1 point back) or 5 for 3 (Mooch 5 and I smooch you twice) Please put the deal in comments when mooching 3/2 or 5/3 Thanks!

There will be a delay before books go out - I'm trying to mail at least once a month - but that is not guaranteed "sorry"

Priority will be given to larger orders first.

Also on another note - I am the sole caregiver for my elderly father who is very ill - I have not had all the time or postage money I would like to spend on here so I want everyone to be aware that as of right now I am only sending books twice a month for sure - I will send more if I am able but No Promises - Sorry =)

Not in the USA? Please Mooch at least two paperback books - Thanks!

Also just a reminder I DO NOT accept mooches until I have pulled the book so it could be a bit before you see your books being accepted. This helps my frazzzeled brain keep everything in order so I do not miss anyone's books.

I am happy to send most paperback books International when I have extra cash but again ask that you multi mooch to help keep it affordable for me to continue doing so. Also there may be a delay depending on my postal budget at the time. Thanks!

Book conditions:
If you are looking at a book on my shelf and it does not have any conditions (as most don't) it means it is in fair/ good used condition. Do not expect brand new but passed around and enjoyed by several readers. It might have some dog eared pages, depending on the age some foxing or yellowing of the pages, spine creases, small tear, ect.Things you should expect from a used book. Anything besides normal wear will be noted!!! If you have questions about a specific book please ask.

I mark my books mailed once they are wrapped up and in my mail bag in car, but please allow a few day leeway due to hectic schedule and getting to the PO is not always possible on my 1/2 hour lunch. I do mail at least 1 time every week ~ So No Worries~ Your book will get there shortly!!

Home page:

I share my home with a beautiful, short-haired boxer and am trying to quit smoking so there may still be some smoke smell on my books.(Just in case anyone is allergic)
God bless y'all and Happy Mooching!

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