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Celia Brayfield : Sunset

Author: Celia Brayfield
Title: Sunset
Copies worldwide:
Published in: English
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 352
Date: 2000-08-03
ISBN: 0751525766
Publisher: Time Warner Paperbacks
Latest: 2011/04/14
Weight: 0.4 pounds
Size: 4.29 x 0.0 x 7.01 inches
Edition: New edition
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Previous givers: 3 Oriana (France), Diane (United Kingdom), IrishPenJen (United Kingdom)
Previous moochers: 3 Mary Spurgeon (USA: GA), lin chiswell (United Kingdom), atlanta (United Kingdom)
Description: Amazon Review
With Sunset, highly acclaimed British bestseller, Celia Brayfield, (Pearls, Getting Home, White Ice, Harvest) gives readers yet another compulsively readable novel. It's a sure-fire recipe. Believable characters, an interesting location, feelings that threaten to erupt and a mystery. Brayfield has the storyteller's gift of keeping us on the edge of our seats and she writes extremely well. On the surface things seemed to be going fine for Kim, at last. After an unsatisfactory and then increasingly sad earlier life, Kim had met Matthew and they had fallen passionately in love at first sight. They had moved from England to Los Alcazares, the beautiful and romantic Canary Island where Kim's best friend, Stella, and she had spent such a wonderful time. But now Kim finds herself threatened by the obsessive thoughts and feelings erupting inside her. Is Matthew having an affair with Stella? Is that why Stella's boring husband died in a car crash? As well as being hugely entertaining, this is a thought-provoking and elegantly crafted novel.

Brayfield intertwines a dramatic 18th-century account of the earliest volcanic explosions on the island with the fast-moving emotional rumblings in the present. And just when we think we've got the measure of it all, Kim's past explodes in our face. A terrific read by a clever, talented writer who has also published non-fiction books about dance, about fame and, wait for it, the art of writing bestselling fiction. --Tamsin Palmer

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