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Diane (United Kingdom) : member bio

Name: Diane (United Kingdom)
Userid: britdiane

Inventory: 20
Points: 227.4
Mooched/given: 986/832
Pending mooch/give: 0/0
Mooch ratio: 1.15:1

Wishlist: 60
Feedback: +827
Smooches: 14
Charitable gifts: 4
Charity received: 10
Friends: 9
Cancelled requests: 96
Books receiving lost: 9
Books sending lost: 18
Rejected requests: 9

Will send: ask if not to my country
Joined: 2008/03/27
Last here: 11 days ago
Country: United Kingdom

Books in inventory: 20

Status message:
As you can see below I have always sent books all over the world in all the years I have been in Book Mooch I have only denied a few requests.
BUT NOW it looks as if all that has changed our postal prices go up tomorrow, SO MUCH!!!!!!
We used to have sections of 100g, 120g, and on up in 20g sections for parcels so they cost just the exact weight and started at £1.50 so was quite affordable. From tomorrow the first weight is 100 to 150, at almost DOUBLE the price and then it goes up in 100g jumps which will really put the prices up so it is very possible that I will no longer be able to post books abroad :( SORRY! Please ask but understand if I can't send you the book you want.

I will send anywhere in the world as follows
Europe via airmail or surface mail if it is a large book
Outside Europe - surface mail which may take upto 6 weeks.
I might not be able to send hardback books to other counties because of the weight/postage costs but if you email I'll check if it's possible to send to you

If you do live outside Europe please email me first.

This map shows places I have sent books to so far:

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