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Lewis Carroll : Symbolic Logic and the Game of Logic

Author: Lewis Carroll
Title: Symbolic Logic and the Game of Logic
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Published in: English
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 352
Date: 1958-06-01
ISBN: 0486204928
Publisher: Dover Publications
Weight: 0.95 pounds
Size: 5.42 x 7.99 x 0.67 inches
Edition: New issue of 1896 ed.
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Description: Product Description
In this unique fusion of logical thought and inimitable whimsy, Over 350 ingenious problems involve classical logic: logic is expressed in terms of symbols; syllogisms and the sorites are diagrammed; logic becomes a game played with 2 diagrams and a set of counters. Two books bound as one. Review
Yes, this is the Lewis Carroll who wrote Alice in Wonderland, and these two works show the same quirky humor. Here you see Carroll the mathematician at his playful best. Don't let the title of the first work mislead you--this isn't about modern symbolic logic but about ways of expressing classical logic with symbols. It's loaded with amusing problems to delight any mathematical puzzler. In the second work he turns logic into a game played with diagrams and colored counters, giving you hundreds of challenging and witty syllogisms to solve. Great mind-stretching fun.

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