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re: Followup to points discussion

My main objection to any of these points is that you don't seem to taking into account that these methods are going to be hideously penalising those of us who don't get a lot of mooch requests. Taking out the rewards for listing books, or for giving feedback, means that it'll be harder for me to get points and thus participate in the site. (The obvious solution, I know, is to list more books, but I DON'T HAVE MORE TO LIST. I rely entirely on the automatic points I get.)

I am with those who say that there really is NO BENEFIT to multiple mailings - silver-thistle's assessment is really accurate.

I do like this site, but it feels in some way like I'm being discouraged from participating.

4 years ago
re: Points policy change thoughts

Kneejerk reaction: I don't think that changing the international mooching costs is a good plan. At all. I'm from the UK, a good three quarters of people mooching from me are international, and nearly every single one of the mooches I DO are international. I agree with the others who've said that cutting the extra points would make getting books next to impossible - I just wouldn't have the points.

(I don't now, honestly. CURSE YOU HOARDING TENDENCIES.)

Honestly, I don't think the points system is broken. I think some of the users hideously abuse the system - I have a number of books on my pending list that have been there for a year because people JUST WON'T SEND THEM - but that isn't something that can be fixed by the management, really. I quite like the points system the way it is.

4 years ago