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Books 4 Kids And Their Providers Project (USA: WV) : member bio

Name: Books 4 Kids And Their Providers Project (USA: WV) (a BookMooch Charity)
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Update: March 14, 2009 --> The program is ready to help out another group of Child Day Providers and their families in North Carolina as well as here in West Virginia. You may be asked to mail directly to them where ever they may be. Thank you

Home page:

We are a non-profit organization, setting our highest goal on helping In-Home Child Day Care Providers finding the books they need to help the youth of our community . We are currently helping In-Home Child Day Care Providers, get the resources they need to better educate our youth. As well as help the providers get the needed education they need to deal with the special cases that may come in their care such as child abuse, ADD, the list goes on.

What is an In-Home Child Day Care Provider you might ask?

Well, they as in-home child day care providers, provide care for needy children in a home-setting. They understand the importance of having quality child care services, for this reason they make a commitment to families that they will do everything in their power to meet and exceed the families and the child's needs. They do our best to provide a safe environment where the child can feel secure. They create an atmosphere where the child feels love, and is free to grow at their own pace under their love and support.

Past Updates:


This April we are gearing up for Our 2nd Annual " Read with your child Month " { an event planned for the month of May } our goal is to get parents involved with their children’s reading habits.

Step one: The parent and child pick out a book to read together, or something they read independently.
Step two: They chose a reading spot, something free of clutter, and cozy. And NO TV !!
Step three: Set aside at least one hour of reading time and a minimum of thirty minutes. At least three days a week.
Step Four: Read!!
Step Five: Repeat steps one thru four and have fun spending time with your child

The steps are so simple even you can do it !! Have a great time !!

Hello all, please check out our web page it is always under construction. We are working on several other pages to add ( pix of some of the shipments, or the children showing their thanks).

Q: How do the providers get their books .
A: We first get a call that they need a book, we then either add the book or let them log on and add the book to our wish list. When the book comes in we call and let them know that its here for pick-up.

Q: What if I see that you have a book on your wish list , and I want to send it to you, how do I go about doing that?
A: Please email us and we will gladly give you the address.

We thank ALL of you for all the support we have received thus far, in helping out with getting books to needy children and their providers!