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Jenger (USA: OK) : member bio

Name: Jenger (USA: OK)
Userid: jbaker

Inventory: 2
Points: 21.7
Mooched/given: 188/263
Pending mooch/give: 1/1
Mooch ratio: 1.19:1

Wishlist: 215
Feedback: +262
Smooches: 3
Friends: 7
Cancelled requests: 22
Books receiving lost: 2
Books sending lost: 1
Rejected requests: 5

Will send: only to my country
Joined: 2008/12/30
Last here: 5 days ago
Country: United States

Books in inventory: 2

My house is child and smoke free, but we do have pets. Books will be in excellent to good condition. Most will even look unread. I don't dog-ear or rumple. If they aren't in what I consider to be excellent/good condition, I'll specifically note it under conditions. The books that aren't in excellent condition are usually books that I previously mooched.

Most books I post here I also post on and I usually am able to remove books in time to avoid double mooch requests. However, there are times when the 2 mooch requests come extremely close together & I'm not able to remove a book in time. I apologize in advance if this occurs & any inconvenience it may cause.