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Fran (USA: FL) : member bio

Name: Fran (USA: FL) (on vacation)
Userid: walkertxkitty

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Joined: 2010/06/18
Last here: 996 days ago
(possibly inactive)
Country: United States

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Status message:
Handicapped housewife living in BF Nowhere but still puttering around the farm. I only get to town and to the post about once a week.

Home page:

I'm a daughter of the West. My heritage stretches back through time to an era of pioneers and uncharted frontiers. Much of that spirit lives on within me and I'm very proud of my ancestry. I have in my lifetime been a cattle rancher, a farmer, and a tamer of wild horses. Nowadays I'm simply a large woman with red hair, green eyes, and glasses living in rural Florida on five acres of wetland.

My interests tend toward the eclectic and center around the intellectual or philosophical. I've got a mad creative streak which often lies dormant for months only to surge forward and commandeer the keyboard for hours at a time, days on end. The rest, as my favorite science fiction author says in her biography, is subject to change without notice.