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Oldham: 13 books

Clive Cussler Flood Tide 1
Clive Cussler Serpent (Numa Files) 1
Clive Cussler Shock Wave (A Dirk Pitt Novel) 3
Clive Cussler Trojan Odyssey 3
Clive Cussler Valhalla Rising (A Dirk Pitt Novel) 2
Rukhsar Ali Din Behind my eyes 1
Rukhsar Ali Din Secret 1
Rukhsar Ali Din Silk's Revenge 1
Rukhsar Ali Din The Vampire In The Coffin 1
Rukhsar Ali Din today and tomorrow 1
Rukhsar Ali Din We're best friends, today, tomorrow and forever 1
Malika Oufkir La Prisonniere 3
S. J. Rozan Out For Blood 1

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