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Staff Picks


Mike Ashley Smarties Deadly Dinosaurs (Smarties) 1
Walter Farley The Black Stallion (Black Stallion) 1
Walter Farley The Island Stallion (Black Stallion) 1
Syd Hoff Danny and the Dinosaur 2
Jimmy Kennedy Teddy Bears' Picnic (Aladdin Picture Books) 1
David Kirk Miss Spider's Wedding (Miss Spider) 1
David Lambert Ultimate Dinosaur Book 1
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor Shiloh 2
Mary O'Hara My Friend Flicka 1
Anna Sewell Black Beauty (Apple Classics) 1
Anna Sewell Black Beauty (Great Illustrated Classics (Playmore)) 1
Anna Sewell Black Beauty 1
Anna Sewell Black Beauty 2
Anna Sewell Black Beauty: The Autobiography of a Horse 1
John Steinbeck Red Pony 1
Iza Trapani The Itsy Bitsy Spider 1

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