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Level 1


Patience Brewster Too Many Puppies (level 2) (Hello Reader) 1
Stephanie Calmenson Roller Skates! (level 2) (Hello Reader) 1
Marc Gave Monkey See, Monkey Do (level 1) (Hello Reader) 1
Gail Herman Double-header (All Aboard Reading : Level 1 : Preschool-Grade 1) 1
Gail Herman Teddy Bear For Sale (level 1) (Hello Reader) 1
Betsy Lewin Wiley Learns to Spell 1
Wendy Cheyette Lewison Buzz Said the Bee (Hello Reader, Level 1) 1
Sara London Good Luck Glasses, The (level 3) (Hello Reader) 1
Grace Maccarone I See A Leaf (level 1) (Hello Reader, Writer) 1
Grace MacCarone Itchy, Itchy Chicken Pox (Hello Reader!, Level 1) 1
Grace Maccarone Monster Math (level 1) (Hello Reader, Math) 1
Angela Royston DK Readers: Fire Fighters (Level 2: Beginning to Read Alone) 1
Angela Royston DK Readers: Truck Trouble (Level 1: Beginning to Read) 1
Mary Serfozo Big Bug Dug, The (level 1) (Hello Reader, My First) 1
Staff Hello Reader! Picture Dictionary (level 2) (Hello Reader) 1
Hans Wilhelm I Lost My Tooth (level 1) (Hello Reader) 1
Hans Wilhelm I Love My Shadow (Hello Reader Level 1) 1

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